Sunday, August 1, 2010

... and we were never being boring.

Japan has been a little bit sad lately.

Isabel left the country to return to England. She played such a big part in my experience here in Marugame, and I'll miss her dearly. Together, we made grey little Marugame seem so exciting, even if we were just riding our bikes around. We shared so many laughs and memories. I just found out that the other foreigners in our town call us "Visabel", for just hanging out together all the time and "taking frequent trips, wearing stylish clothes, and being posh". I think it's hilarious... and true.

Isabel's last few days in Marugame were filled with happy memories. Revisiting our favourite cafés. Meeting up with old (and new friends). Moving out her stuff in the insane heat, on our bikes. Late night Gossip Girl and ice cream. Her being my roommate for a few days. A tea and green tea cake party at our favourite café. Drinks at the fanciest, most secret bar in Marugame. A sleepover of five people in my tiny, tiny room. Polaroid pictures. Riding our matching bikes. A yo-yo show at 2am. Ichigo daifuku. More pictures.

I'll miss how simple things would make us completely happy. Marugame will feel empty without her. Saying goodbye was so difficult, and the rest of my day was filled with tears, tea, sweets, and riding her blue bike back to my house. I'll feel a bit lost without her around. Sadly when living abroad you have to get used to people coming and going all the time.

I'll be fine, and I know she will be too. I wish her all the best back in England, and I see it as the beginning of a lifelong friendship. We made the most of our time here and have the happiest memories, and I know we'll create more in the upcoming years.

We'll always have Japan.

{A posh green tea cake farewell party. Perfection.}

{A lovely girl and her cake...}

{Riding around Marugame... captured on Polaroid.}


{A last sleepover in my tiny room... a roommie, a boyfriend, and two French couch surfers.}

{Goodbye lunch at La Taupe, Sunday morning.}

{Our bikes at Marugame station. }

{Friends new and old, Indian food, happy times.}

{With Shin, the owner of our favourite café. We heart him!!}

This song will always remind me of our trips!

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{lovely little things} said...

Sad to have to say goodbye. I know how close you two were. Just think, now you have a friend to visit in London and start saving for that adventure :)

Isabel said...

That was such a nice post and it made me feel happy, despite its sad theme.

We made Marugame so much fun with our meltdowns, matching bikes, leisurely lunching lifestyle and stylish aura! I miss you so much but that is an even greater incentive for me to come and see you next year eh. We are friends for ever. <3

I liked what you said about Mike in your message. One of my greatest Japan regrets is that I never got a kiss with the Prince hehe!

love love


Vivian said...

It means you have to come visit me (hopefully in Tokyo), and you can kiss the Prince!!!


Isabel said...

hehehe, only if he takes us to some bad vibes/Dobutsuenmae type place hehe.

Vivian said...


"Dobutsuen-Mae is my favourite place in Japan"
-Prince Ness

"The zoo is bad vibes"
-Mike G

建邱勳 said...

傻氣的人喜歡給心 雖然每次都被笑了卻得到了別人的心..................................................................

defining amy said...

that green tea cake looks so yummy. i'm not good with goodbyes AT ALL. loving your blog.