Monday, July 12, 2010


{Laundry, please}

Still too tired to write a proper post (and post pictures... I do have some fun ones) about the Sayonara party that took place over the weekend, but it was a fairly good time despite the roughness of the wilderness... which included sleeping outdoors on a wooden deck under the pouring rain, dubious bathroom facilities, lots of drunkenness, and being stuck on an island.

The highlights included swimming in the ocean, a campfire and s'mores, songs on the guitar, grilled foods, the big bow on my bikini top, red wine, sea fireflies (planktons) and getting to see everyone together before a lot of them return home.

The next morning was a rough awakening, after getting about one hour of sleep, tossing and turning on the deck and sharing a small blanket with other freezing bodies... but definitely good memories.

I came to the following realizations:

*I (maybe) (perhaps) too old/not cut out for that kind of drunken fest.
*Being stuck on an island really freaks me out.
*I love swimming!
*Boys like bows.
*S'mores is the best food. Ever.
*Yes, I can remain stylish and sophisticated on a camping trip.
*Two outfit changes were unnecessary. So was my soap.
*Always pack your own blanket.
*Don't leave bits of pineapple next to your blanket. Flies!
*Hide your food. Hungry inebriated people in the night!
*I can survive in the woods and crank up the uncouthness.

I'm still not sure how I feel about it all, but it was definitely a fun summer night, and I have a newfound love for my little futon.


nmaha said...

That sounds like quite an adventure. The important thing is u enjoyed it, so am not sure if u can consider youself too old.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

sounds like a blast -- the good with the bad! my friends and i have been talking about doing a camping trip in the near future. And as much as i would like to think it is going to be all peaches and cream, i know it's not. hahaha love this post! very summery!