Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Limited Edition

When you live abroad, you go through extremes: a fun activity can make you feel completely exhilarated, while a not-so-fun experience can make you feel like it's the end of the world. I forgot how exhausting this roller coaster can be, and how small things can be blown to proportions. Sigh. It's all part of the experience of living in a foreign land I guess: as exciting as each day can be in a beautiful land like Japan, some days can make you completely lose you mind... aka today. Help!!!

If I was a guy I'd probably drown my worries with cheap beer from the nearest watering hole, but girls tend to work differently. To cheer myself up and to cheer up this post, here's some Japanese loot I've been picking up lately, and for some reason this never fails to make me happy about living in Japan.

Uniqlo tee. I fell for the 'only available in Japan' tag.

Oh, Uniqlo. I love how they always team with different designers and come up with adorable and super cheap tees, like this one from Japanese star Hinano Yoshikawa. I don't know who she is, but she is famous and makes cute stuff with giant bows. I think everything I wear lately features a big bow. I'm turning Japanese.

As tall as three apples... ハローキティ

Hello Kitty always brightens up my day (after all, one of the reasons I moved to Japan. Kidding!). Especially when it's in my shower, and in the form of a scrub. Don't you love how the cat shows how to use it in the instructions on the back?

Who needs five shades of nail polish? I do.

Japan has loads of fantastic local skin care and cosmetics, and I like trying new things. One of my favourite brands is Canmake Tokyo, for their everlasting Fur Lash mascara, gel eyeliner, and non-chipping nail polish. It's very cheap, has cutesy packaging, and great quality.

**Note to my fellow girls in Korea: you can find this brand at Olive Young, I used to buy it back in Seoul.

Hmmm. sometimes I wonder if it would be cheaper to just drink??


Emma said...

The Hello Kitty scrub is absolutely adorable!! I wish I could find that here in the US :) and i LOVE the top with the bow on it, super cute and feminine! xx

王名仁 said...


Isabel said...

beautiful tee!

LH said...

can't wait to try it!

nmaha said...

I love that top. I always associated shopping with Bangkok, now I can dream of Japan as well.

Viv said...

love that shirt! i wish we had more uniqlo's around here

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

Retail therapy is the way to get nothing out of a beer!

Kelly said...

of course every girl needs 5 different shades of nail polish. AT LEAST five :)