Monday, June 28, 2010

Rainy season

Hello, rainy season! Even though my prefecture is one of the driest, we got hit by several rainfalls lately, which means HIGH levels of humidity (not the best for my wavy hair) and lots of movie watching (which I love).

Friday was all about biking to work in the rain (which ended up being fun), drinking wine and eating homemade chili, and a sleepover... the futons take up ALL the space in my apartment!
{That's a total a four futons... I stacked them: 2 + 2 next to one another}

Saturday started with pancakes AND cupcakes, then a lacy cream dress and black heels for a formal engagement party in Takamatsu. It was a great evening, everyone was there and it was pretty sophisticated... until the second nomihodai.

Nomihodai is an 'all you can drink' event for a set price. Personally, I think they're the complete opposite of sophistication, but they're VERY popular in Japan... and with the foreigner crowd. I think I'd appreciate them more if I drank more than two drinks... per night out. Yet I had so much fun, and it turned out to an (almost) all-nighter...

{Party dress + shoes}

... which explain why I spent all of Sunday lounging on the couch in my pajamas. THAT's classy.
{Making cupcakes... and eating them! Nom nom nom.}

Monday was all about lounging in Starbucks with friends and taking advantage of the air conditioning... I also stocked up on some banana goodness from The Body Shop... it's seriously the best smelling shampoo ever.
{Banana hair care + Hello Kitty bath mat. Yes!}


Anonymous said...

Wow. I like those days.
1) I used to use that banana condition. It smells amaaaazing.
2) I fully support pancakes AND cupcakes.
3) Nomihodai sounds awesome.
4) Taken in moderation, lounging on the couch all day can be very classy.

French lover said...

Banana shampoo, yum !

hoihoi51 said...

Maturi season has come, too