Monday, June 7, 2010

Beaches, gardens and French toast

After a stressful week filled with cockroach sightings and staff meetings, some lighthearted celebrations were much needed. It all started with my first ever Beer Garden.

Beer Gardens are very popular in Japan, between May and September. Department stores and hotels usually host them on their rooftops, and for a set price you get to drink and eat as much as you want. I don't drink (or eat) a lot, but I went for the cultural experience, and just to spend time with my friends. I had such a good time! Everyone was in good spirits, and we just sat on the rooftop of a hotel in Takamatsu, with the view of the inland sea as the backdrop.

{How classy am I, holding a giant drink}

It was nice to see everyone come out, and meet new people at the same time. We all headed to the ocean front afterwards to have more drinks, hang out and listen to people play music. I caught the last train home, fell asleep and almost missed my stop. Sunday was spent sleeping and feeling a bit under the weather... NOT hungover, but my allergies kicked in, and I felt quite sick. Yet, there is nothing better than a lazy Sunday spent lounging around, especially in good (and caring) company.

Today started out with French toast at my friend's house, then we took a really nice and long bike ride to the beach a few towns over. The view was beautiful, and I still cannot believe I live so close to the beach. It was an excellent work out, and a wonderful way to spend a day off... relaxing and pleasant.

{Shikoku has some very beautiful beaches}


Circus Charlie said...

so maybe the beer isn't all class but the dress is pretty kawaii
love it

Isabel said...

let's eats meats at the beachie with Hiroki! Let's do the barbeque all together, plays volleyballs in the coast and bathes in the sea yo!


Anonymous said...

I'm headed to the mother of all beer garden's this summer and I cannot wait! In fact, for three full weeks, I'll be drinking pretty much nothing but beer... I'll keep you posted on how that goes, but I can give you a hint: Not well.

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