Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pure Madness

Back from a whirlwind week traveling all over Japan. Exhausted, but so, so happy! The trip started in Tokyo with my friends from Montreal, and ended up in Osaka and Nara with my friends from Marugame. I slept on sofas, hostel beds, and overnight buses, wandered the streets of Osaka at 6am, and soaked in all the Tokyo frenziness. I'm happy.

It felt so good to see friends from home, and so good to speak French again! Tokyo was filled with fabulousness... as usual. Lots of champagne, fashion shows in Ebisu, Shibuya crossing at night, window-shopping in posh Ginza, lazy Sunday afternoon in Yoyogi park with my Japanese friends, crowded Harajuku streets, and getting lost all over Shinjuku. Madness. Tokyo is pure madness. I had forgotten how amazing Tokyo is. I feel so refreshed from my escape there, and Tokyo is always there to remind me of my dreams, and to remind me of why I came to Japan in the first place. I'm in love!

{Me and my obsession, Shinkansen!}

{From Montreal to Japan... friendships}

{Shibuya frenziness at night}

{Getting dressed up for a night out in Shinjuku}

{Me and the girls!!}

{Champagne and lingerie at a posh fashion party in Ebisu}

After Tokyo's craziness, I could not bear the thought of going straight back to the countryside... so I hopped on an overnight bus and met some Marugame friends in Osaka for a few days of FUN. I must admit, the 8-hour bus ride from Tokyo to Osaka was brutal! I thought I was being smart and frugal, but the disgusting, snoring man next to me ruined my whole trip and drove me insane. I arrived in Osaka at 6am, just wandering the streets and waiting around. Thankfully the kind staff at my favourite youth hostel in Osaka allowed me to shower and nap. Osaka was all about shopping and having coffee with my lovely Isabel, getting lost in the crowds, going dancing, and eating the delicious local dish, okonomiyaki.

{Osaka... where food and crazy nightlife abound}

{Marugame besties are trouble}

{Okonomiyaki, Kansai style. Honestly, I prefer Hiroshima style!}

{Oh, youth hostel mirrors! Getting ready for some shopping in Shinsaibashi}

Finally, the adventure ended with a day trip to nearby Nara, a beautiful city nestled in the mountains, where deer roam around. Isabel and I ate sushi, walked around in the heat (Japan suddenly got so hot!), and shared so many laughs before boarding our bus back to Shikoku.

It's always a bit difficult to say goodbye to the bustling city life, but I happily rode my bicycle around Marugame and breathed the clean, crisp country air. Those small trips I often take are quite vital, and re-energize me in a way that I cannot explain. Lots of time spent alone in long bus rides and getting lost in a strange city is to me the best way to get re-acquainted with myself, and to never forget about my dreams.

(Whoa. I swear the overnight bus ride got me all philosophical and deep!)


French lover said...

My brother and I were daydreaming about going back to Japan while eating our Japanese food tonight. I talked to him about you and we started dreaming away together.. <3

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I need some pure madness in my life, too! Got to get to Tokyo one of these days!
And I can't believe you did all that in one week, Viv!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a blast & quite an adventure! I'm glad you're feeling better Vivian <333333

Anonymous said...

sounds like a blast & quite an adventure! I'm glad you're feeling better Vivian <333333

Jen said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! Especially Tokyo! And that picture of you with Shinkansen is gorgeous! You look so beautiful and natural. You could be a model in an advertisement!

Nicole Marie said...

love love your flower skirt!!
and hello i need pics of you and the boy!!!

Miyan said...

great post! great pics!

Anonymous said...