Monday, May 10, 2010

Springtime bliss!

{Iced Royal Milk Tea...mmmmmmmm}

Coming home to the countryside after living it up in Tokyo and Osaka was a tad difficult after having so much fun. But, sometimes the most quiet, uneventful weekends are the best.

*Sunny, warm weather and hours spent lounging around on the grass at the castle, mindless chatter with friends, and picnics. My skin finally got some golden tones.

*A relaxing movie night at a friend's house, alongside lovely people and tons of sweets and tea. Coziness.

*Although I was far away from my mom on Mother's Day, I sent her a message... and the best part, I'll see her next week! She is coming to Japan on a trip, and I'll go meet her in Kyoto. Happiness.

*Someone I've missed dearly is back from Thailand, and was not eaten by a tiger! It's been so good to share everything about our respective vacations.

*Tons of time spent with my dear friend Isabel, whether it's shopping and bar hopping in Osaka, or riding our bikes around Marugame to find the best sushi around, or laughing at the silliest things (a banana on an escalator). I will be so sad when she leaves Japan, but I don't want to think about that now.

*A friend from home sent me tons of music, which I love. I've been listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg on a loop, while baking cupcakes on a warm evening. How very French of me.

{Going to work is a lot more fun when it involves the special edition panda Pocky sticks... a present from my Japanese friend and co-worker}


{lovely little things} said...

What exactly is iced royal tea milk? Does it taste like milk?

Vivian said...

Good question! I don't know exactly what it is... but it's very popular here. It's a kind of tea already mixed with lots of milk, and it tastes very sweet and has coconut undertones. It's so, so good! You must buy it at convenience stores when you come to Japan! So yea, it tastes very milky and sweet.

Ms. L'Heureux said...

Charlotte Gainsbourg...good choice, missy!

Kris said...

If you like Okonomiyaki, have you ate at Pooyan in Marugame? Good Okonomiyaki (Kansai style) and omusoba. I highly suggest the Hiroshima negiyaki.

Vivian said...

Kris- where is Pooyan in Marugame?

And who are you?? Do we know each other?? Let's go together!!!

Kelly said...

i've always been such a fan of your lists :) your life is so wonderful!! you make me want to drop everything and head to Japan to join you.

thank you for the sweet and constant comments on my blog, Vivi. I've been in a weird blog funk for the past 2 months; ugh! but i've been clearing my head and am refreshed!

and a very overdue email is headed your way soon xx