Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hot Hot Heat

Summer has arrived.

Last week I was still wearing my winter jacket and tights. Then one morning I woke up in Osaka, and it was hot. Not warm. HOT.

Summer is here, and the heat won't leave for several months. I'm a bit scared. Summers in Japan are scary hot and humid, especially where I live, in the South. When I came home from Tokyo and Osaka, my apartment felt like an oven. And it will get worse. My green tea Kit Kat melted on the counter. And the arrival of hot weather brought along weird species of supersized bugs. I saw a cockroach chilling out on my front porch, and what seemed to be a gigantic winged caterpillar.

Despite all the inconveniences, I decided to fully embrace the summer months. I do love sleeping with the windows wide open, and some new sundresses and sandals should cheer me up a bit. I started running at night, mostly by the harbour, where it's so quiet and peaceful. I can see the stars and the lights reflecting on the sea, and it's almost magical. I gave my futon its summer bedding (some special Muji sheets designed to keep cool). And, hello cold udon noodles!

Oh, summer in Japan... wish me luck!

{From now on, all Kit Kats go straight to the fridge. I'm not losing another green tea chunky delight.}


Jen said...

Hope you stay cool! Sending you lots of ice. I would be a lil scared too, not gonna lie.

Anonymous said...

I'm not kidding when I tell you it was 50ºF/10ºC here today. IN MAY. Wtf?
So could you please send some of that heat my way? Minus the nasty bugs. You can keep those.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vivian,

If you can survive a Montreal hot and humid summer, you can survive any summer. The sun is very strong in Los Angeles, it might only be 24 degrees but it feels much hotter, I can barely go running or hiking because of the heat.

I subscribed to your blog in my Google Reader and your blog is popular! Did you know that you have over 100 subscribers on just that reader? Nicely done!

Stay well Vivian! Enjoy your simple small town living.


French lover said...

Eeeek. Those bugs sound scary. Oui j'ai une vague phobie des insectes ;-)

Quant à l'été... tout ce que j'en sais, selon les dires de mes parents & frère : il fait chaud. As in you're constantly sweaty and drinking iced green tea all the time kind of heat.

Why did you think there are so many vending machines ;-)

mr. pineapple man said...

summers in japan...ahhh. good luck!



Nigel said...

I'm jealous. It's still cold and wet in Tohoku. Sigh.