Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello, Osaka.

Back from a whirlwind twenty four hours in Osaka.

After a long week and way too many ingested green tea Kit Kats (I found crumbs on my futon) and no plans going on for the weekend (most of our friends were away at a rugby tournament), Isabel and I decided to go to Osaka on a whim. It's definitely our second home now, as the hostel staff knows us, and we pretty much know the bus schedule by heart.

It was literally twenty four hours in Osaka (perhaps even twenty three!), in which we got about three hours of sleep, and the rest consisted of Mexican food with a group of friends, running away from a Frenchman, looking everywhere for a hairbrush (I lost mine last week, hadn't brushed my hair in a week!), stocking up on more Kit Kats and other green tea sweets, getting lost in the new H&M, sundresses and a little spritz of Chanel, meeting host boys on Dotonbori Bridge (I really need to post about host bars in an upcoming entry!), going to an "all you can drink in thirty minutes for 300 yen" type of bar, munching on edamame, hanging out in Triangle Park and watching the crazy Osaka fashionistas walk by, hitting a club and leaving because the music was horrible, and going to god knows how many other places, to end the evening with The Mikes from training at a British-themed bar, then eating French fries at McDonalds and taking pictures of The Mikes jumping in big piles of um, garbage.

That's Osaka for you. Not the classiest, not the most sophisticated, but always the most FUN.

{Host boys we met. Basically, they get paid to talk to girls in some establishments. They have the most elaborate pineapple hairstyles.}

{The Mikes jumping in empty milkshake cups at 4am. Uncouth.}

{Can you tell I'm a bit uncomfortable?!}


{Osaka has some of the craziest fashions. Furry shoes are acceptable in Osaka. It was a blast trying them on, but the shop staff wasn't as amused.}

I'm definitely ready to have a quiet seaside town type of week, with my little bike, my friends, and some fresh air!


{lovely little things} said...

Can't wait to try green tea kit-kats, awesome!

Anonymous said...

Um, girl, those shoes are NUTS!

Eric said...

found your blog through dave's esl. I'm going to Osaka/Kyoto next month. Can you tell me where you stayed in Osaka?

Vivian said...

Hey Eric!

I always stay at Koma Guest house in Osaka. BEST location (right in Namba) and super cheap... 2500 yen per night. Clean and the staff is so friendly:

Have fun! Let me know if you want advice for Osaka!