Monday, April 19, 2010

Small living

Everything in Japan is cute and tiny.

I literally live in a square. My whole apartment is a square room, where I eat, sleep, entertain, work, study, watch movies, try on clothes and (sometimes) drive myself crazy. I got used to it pretty quickly. It's cute, cozy, and easy to clean. Also easy to get messy. It's also kind of intimate, so when I have friends over they have to sit on my futon, and stare at my open wardrobe. Hello, socks and underwear. When I have overnight guests and out of town friends, it can get a bit tight, especially when all three futons are lined up next to one another. Also, it's embarrassing when it comes time to change clothes: the bathroom is too small, so I have to quickly change near the kitchen, hoping no one will see me.

I do enjoy my living space, and I made it as cozy as I could, without an overload of furniture or accessories. Besides the futon, I have a low coffee table, on which I work and eat. I added an area rug from MUJI, with two flat cushions for sitting. A few lamps and Christmas lights make for a warmer glow than the original neon light. A pile of magazines and books on a corner, and that's all I need to feel at home. I was lucky to get a pretty big kitchen, and it's my favourite part of the apartment.

Japanese apartments are really made for smaller people. Counters and ceilings are lower, and the toilet room is so tiny it's hilarious. My male foreigner friends have been complaining about it, banging their heads on the the low ceilings and having to hunch over kitchen counters.

I do still love entertaining at home (something Japanese people never really do), and cooking for my friends and have brunches. Anything is possible, and I think it's even more fun when everyone is just cozying up on the floor... there's something kind of charming about it all.


DiamondsandTulle said...

I think I should be thankful and stop calling our condo a "shoebox"... I love your bathroom mat! :)

xx Vivian @

Anonymous said...

reminds me of my korean studio apart-uh :D i can never have more than 2 friends over. They would sit either on my floor or on my bed lol. And during sleepovers...well it gets very crowded. lol

Jen said...

It does look cozy! I like your Hello Kitty bath mat! Nice -- and culturally appropriate -- touch!

French lover said...

So freakin' cute. I love it. Merci pour ton adorable commentaire <3 Je tiens le coup, pour l'instant. Ce sont les 60 prochains jours qui me tentent un peu moins ;-) Bisous !

Anonymous said...

This made me smile. It does take time to adjust to how small accomodations are in Asia.

Nicole Marie said...

hahah hide in the kitcehn to change.