Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April, briefly

Things that are great:

-The cherry blossoms
-Rain, rain, rain. I just love the sound!
-It's finally getting warmer
-I'm eating all kinds of fresh fruit
-Sleeping with the window wide open
-Cooking Mexican food (thanks to import food store in Okayama)
-People watching on a Sunday afternoon at Starbucks
-Taking silly train pictures
-Perfect running weather
-Japanese lessons
-Kaiten sushi (conveyor belt) on a Monday night
-Living by the sea
-Going to shrines and temples whenever I feel like it
-Reading tons of books

Things that could be better:

-Hanafubuki (falling cherry blossoms... already!)
-Traveling to another prefecture for work
-Not finding any convenience stores in aforementioned location
-Biking in the rain
-Not being able to read my bills/letters
-My hair is a lion's mane!
-Small town inconveniences... enough said.

Not bad... not bad at all. If only I could get to bed at a reasonable hour.


Creatively Challenged said...

i loooovee cherry blossoms. It's so beautiful..and i also love the rain..well sleeping with the windows open when it's raining to be specific :D

Anonymous said...

Not a bad April. Not bad at all...

{lovely little things} said...

Not being able to read bills and letters, I didn't think of that, how frustrating!