Thursday, March 11, 2010

Snow in Japan

Just when I thought (and declared) winter was over, Shikoku experienced a little snowfall for the first (and only) time this winter. A little snow does not bother me... but it got so cold, and when it's cold in Japan, it's VERY cold... thanks for the lack of insulation in buildings. Stormy weather combined with longer-than-usual commutes to other parts of the island made me want to hide in my futon all week. Here are some things that made my week a little bit better:

*Sakura (cherry blossom) flavoured cakes from MUJI (I ate quite a few...)
*Tea and talk with my loveliest Marugame girl, Isabel
*Girls brunch at my place, complete with pancakes, strawberries, and baked apples
*Watching Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club in the middle of the night
*Riding the express trains to the other side of Shikoku, and a gorgeous landscape
*Epic bike ride this morning, in the sun
*Reading books... again
*Brownies and wine on a Tuesday night with the boys
*Early morning text messages
*Sunday coming soon... Sunday fun day.
*FINALLY having the real internet and being able to catch up on blog reading
*My summer futon... a luxurious down feather duvet.
*Teaching my favourite students, and playing baseball in the classroom.
*Salmon and ginger salads at the izakaya
*Minus the Bear

The sun is out again, and cherry blossoms will be here soon. Hello, spring!


Anonymous said...

It seems like every time you write about food, it has some delicious, exotic flavor. Ie, cherry blossom flavored pancakes! YUM.

{lovely little things} said...

We've been having weird weather in Seattle lately too, it was 60 degrees last weekend and this week in snowed in parts of the city - weird!

Jen said...

Oh weird! I hope it's back to warming up now... bring on the cherry blossoms!

Madeleine said...

the things that made your week better made me smile. stay warm in what is hopefully the last bits of winter!