Monday, March 22, 2010

Late March and early spring days

Early spring days in Japan! Brought me a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine, afternoon strolls in the park, seaside drinks in Takamatsu, an early cherry blossom party at the castle, and... kindergarten germs. I think working with small (touchy) children can be dangerous for one's health... so I'm taking it easy this week, getting some rest and lots of tea, watching bad flicks and getting warmth from tall Canadians. I'm a bit of a sniffly disaster, but it's perfect for this kind of rainy weather that just appeared this morning.

The Central Park of Takamatsu on a Saturday afternoon...

Having drinks and talks seaside, with the warm wind of the inland sea

Having to run inside an underpass because of a sudden rainfall.. and continue the party there. Canadians like writing on each other's feet, apparently.

The nice weather was back again in time for the pre-cherry blossom party at the castle. It actually got pretty cold once the sun set, and we finished the party at a friend's house, snuggled under the kotatsu table (a low wooden table covered with a futon, to keep warm in the winter.... brilliant)!

My lovely friends and co-workers! I heart those girls!


Madeleine said...

so lovely. spring days in japan- how badly I want like to be there!

Anonymous said...

Ah, springtime. It all looks wonderful... minus the foot writing. That kind of grosses me out. :-)