Monday, February 8, 2010


Hot sake ('okan') is my new favourite winter drink. The heat makes it dryer and more flavourful, and there's nothing cozier than holding a warm sake cup (I'm obsessed with the traditional wooden ones) and just relax and chat with friends.

Did you know Japanese microwaves even have a specific setting for warming up sake at the perfect temperature? See button 2! One of the reasons I love this country.

Kanpai!!! (cheers!)


{lovely little things} said...

I've never had hot sake before, is it better than cold sake?

maeghan said...

I've never warmed up to sake. I tried it again on my most recent trip to Taiwan and thought it grew on me after I easily finished my first cup, but then I had my second and was like, "Nope, guess not!" Hmm. There's still hope for me, though!

Coffee_c said...

Oh Vivian! How I LOVE hot sake.

Every time I read your blog, I can feel the way I felt while in Japan.

I miss you