Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rain and shrines

Rain, rain, rain. Today marks the end of a long, rainy, and eventful week. Lots, and lots of rain. My first visit to a Japanese hospital- nothing too serious... but the most embarrassing experience I've had so far, not being able to communicate. I really need to learn more Japanese. My phrase book does not cut it anymore, and I felt so helpless. However, kudos to the Japanese health care system for being so fast, efficient, and my doctor for being so kind and helpful, looking things up in his English book. However, forget about privacy in Japanese hospitals, the whole staff and waiting room knew all about me in a matter of minutes. Fun! I also had dreadful parent observations all week, for which I did not feel too enthusiastic.

I'm still in high spirits, and managed to turn it into a fun week: day trip to the beautiful Kotohira shrine, Kompira-san, a famous temple on Shikoku, which requires a pretty long hike up the 1,368 steps. I treated myself to some Starbucks (funny how it has become such a special occasion to drink it), had some spicy ginger tea with friends, and a girl's night out. I also was a guest speaker at Isabel's high school for International Day. Here are some of the highlights of my week:

{Poster featuring all of us, plastered around Marugame. We're pretty famous now...}

{Lovely, lovely high school girls and their V Day crafts}

{Beautiful Kotohira day trip... under the rain... but I think it makes it even better}


{lovely little things} said...

That's a lot of steps - but sounds like it was worth the climb!

and YAY for Starbucks.

Saara said...

I have also felt abroad that healthcare is always different from the system I'm used to. I think you can't be then too sensitive in a hospital over there :) Good luck with everything!

French lover said...

Oh my ! Hospital ?! I hope you're okay :)
My brother had an adventure in a Hong Kong hospital over Christmas break. He dislocated his shoulder and had to stay at the hospital for 2 days in a room with 8 chinese men speaking really loud cantonese all night long !!

Nicole Marie said...

oh no i hope you're ok!
and hope your parents observations went well. i'm being supervised next week. sscccaarrryyyy!!
have a super fun weekend!!

Jen said...

That might be the scariest thing to me about living in a foreign country: What if I get sick? Especially in a non-English speaking country. OMG, panic attack. Sounds like you made it through to the other side though, and may have learned something in the process! Awesome!

The temple pictures look beautiful, despite the rain. Is that a flower sculpture outside? Gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Ooh hope you're ok! I'm glad the hospital experience wasn't terrible!

Awesome Sara said...

i want to be here!!! i have a thing for shrines and temples i think cause their peaceful

Kelly said...

oh no :(
i'm sorry about all the embarassment. that's tough, especially when it comes to a language barrier {although you know this better than anyone i feel like}.

good luck and positive thoughts are being sent your way :)