Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Korea, a year after.

Exactly a year ago, I was leaving Korea. I cannot believe how far it all seems now... so far but so close. I remember feeling so bittersweet about leaving Seoul: a city I had grown to love so much, but a place that had been so difficult to deal with. I was relieved, terrified, and heartbroken all at once. I was in no way prepared to face what was awaiting me back home: unemployment, a break up, starting from scratch, nostalgia, and reverse culture shock.

Those eight months spent at home in Montreal, trying to fix everything, were oh so difficult, but it was all worth it. It strengthened friendships and created new ones. It made me more independent. It made me realize how much I missed Asia, and how I should go back, this time on my own.

I'm sitting here tonight on my futon, sipping tea, and reminiscing about everything, and I kind of like the idea that I'm here, right now. A year ago, I had no idea I'd end up in Japan, and I am loving how life is full of surprises.

Korea is so far away now, but yet so close. It's right across the pond, and I cannot wait to cross the water again to revisit the streets of a city I miss so, so much.


Saara said...

thats maybethe cutest letter ever!

superman said...

Hi,Vivian teacher,I love you so much too

Jen said...

It's amazing how it all just works out, isn't it? I hope you enjoy your trip back to Seoul! Can't wait to hear your reflections on being back.