Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter in Japan

Winter in Japan is very mild, especially for a Montrealer. I've been enjoying the warm sunny days, and the absence of snow. It feels a lot like fall. The temperatures have been pretty much between 4-12 degrees Celcius (about 40-55 Farenheit), which is a day at the beach compared to any average January day in Montreal. However, I feel cold most of the time because Japanese homes are not well insulated. Very drafty, paper-thin walls, and no central heat. I do have a small air conditioner unit on my wall, but it does not make a big difference.

Lately I've been curling up in my fluffy blankets, drinking hot caramel tea, and soaking in my hot Japanese bathtub. Bliss! And I love the fact that I've been able to run outdoors during the day, when it's warm and sunny. Evenings are perfect for sharing tea with friends, and having candy and games at each other's houses.

Hiking the mountains on a crisp winter day...

At the top of the mountain, overlooking the rice paddies of Shikoku island... I really do live in the countryside!

Being silly in the little workout areas... typically Asian.

Staying warm, eating candy and playing games with my friends...

Loving the Japanese winter days!!! But I'm terrified of the summer...!!


Anonymous said...

Vivian, can we please trade winters? Swedish winter is a pain in my (freezing) ass. Sooooo over it.

Nicole Marie said...

what a fun hike! geez look at the view!!
stay warm! have a great weekend i'm sure you're doing something fun!

Kelly said...

you {of course} look adorable in all your photos! that hike looks so fun!!

have a wonderful weekend, vivi!!

French lover said...

Ha! Profite de l'hiver doux avant de t'inquiéter du dreadful summer (si j'en crois mes parents, c'est réellement abominable.. but then again, they were only in Tokyo, Kyoto + Osaka)... et puis entre les deux il y a le si charmant printemps et la fête des sakura! Lucky you :)

{lovely little things} said...

That's nice that the weather is more mild, I can't imagine winter in Montreal, sounds chilly!!

Random - my friend who also reads your blog lived in the next town over from you on Shikoku for 2 years, while teaching English! Small world.

seasonal lust said...

what a beautiful winter you've painted!

i need to be there so i can grow to appreciate winter as well. over here, its extremely dreary. =(