Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vivian Sensei

Oh yes, before I forget, I do have a job here in Japan! It may not seem like it from my lifestyle, but I actually came here to work.

No, let me rephrase that. I took this teaching job to indulge in Japanese culture. I actually enjoy teaching, as I did last year in Korea. My current job is so different: back in Korea, I taught at a regular elementary school (large classes, writing on the whiteboard, students sitting at desks type of thing). In Japan, I teach after-school classes, so it involves more running around, dancing, singing, and games. It's a lot of fun, and ridiculously easy. Kids are kids, and they can get a bit nuts, but technically it's very simple. I have students of all ages: the four year olds are the most adorable, but I also like the ten/eleven year-old, they love games and I make them laugh. The teenagers can be a bit intimidating and scary, especially when they're taller than me, but I enjoy having conversations with them.

This week was probably the most hectic: I had parent observations, which means parents are invited to watch the foreign teacher in action. It was mental! Entire families were sitting in my tiny classroom, with young siblings running about, babies crying, and mobile phones ringing... all that madness. They barely paid attention to my actual teaching, which was a relief. The mothers seemed to love me and think I was kawaii when trying to speak Japanese, but I did get weirded out by some creepy looking dad who stared a bit too much.

{In the train, on my way to work. My job involves a LOT of commuting, but very little actual working hours}

{A typical classroom. I teach in four different ones in my area, one each week}

{My teaching uniform... teacher mode}


Daring said...

Wow, I'm very poor at teaching so I'm so jealous of you! :D

Nicole Marie said...

wow i think you've got a great deal going on here! only after school! you get to take the train! and the parents love you!

have a great weekend vivian!!

{lovely little things} said...

Fun! I know what you mean about having parents observe, big groups of them always make me nervous, but they think you're cute, so that's always nice!

nifer said...

That sounds like the best gig ever, Vivian! Enjoy your kids!

Saara said...

uuu! your life is so exciting! i can just imagine all those people in the classroom :) but isn't it in one way a good thing that women love you and men dream about you? I mean this in a non-creapy-way...isn't it quite flattering?

Kelly said...

cute teaching uniform :)

what a fun teaching job!!running aroun, dancing, singing AND games?? sounds like a blast!!

hope you had a wonderful weekend, vivi!