Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Udon, rice cakes, and the aftermath

The end of my Tokyo trip marked the beginning of a new year, and also of my new life in Japan. Moving to Marugame a few weeks before Christmas did not give me much time to settle much, with all the excitement of the upcoming vacation, so it was postponed to now. I must admit I was terrified to come home to Marugame after breathing and soaking in Tokyo for a bit. Afraid I'd be bored. And nervous at the idea of starting my life in Japan- for real. Working and living here.

I was pleasantly surprised to come home to Marugame, with my new friends waiting for me with birthday celebrations: cake, coffee, rice cakes, homemade playlists and presents, champagne, and birthday cards. So sweet and thoughtful, considering they've only met me briefly before Christmas. I am lucky to live here, surrounded by so many nice, generous, and fun people. Always up to going out for meals, drinks, and weekend trips. I already have dinner parties planned, and most of my weekends will be booked with various trips around Japan, and bike rides around sweet little Marugame.

Yesterday I had udon for the first time. Which is a shame considering I live in udon capital of Japan! Udon is a type of thick, wheat-flour noodle, served in miso broth, and flavoured with scallions and tempura. So, so delicious... and so cheap and filling!

I feel at home already, and I love how Japan has been good to me. So here's to good things, such as dainty little rice cakes (they look like cupcakes, don't they?!), Hello Kitty pillows (birthday present), and sparkly tights... because I'm in Japan. And those rice cakes make for a fabulous breakfast.


French lover said...

I love rice cakes, especially those with a fresh strawberry inside (ichigo daifuku I believe). So delicious ! They're pretty hard to find, at least for a tourist like me, but I did manage to buy some in Ginza while I was in Tokyo. Heaven !

Thank you for your sweet comment :) I love Montreal. After living there for 3 years, I always feel at home when I go back.

Kelly said...

how darling are those rice cakes??? i've never seen anything like them!!

what a sweet and kind birthday you had!

you deserved it :)

maeghan said...

Yum! And you should debut those sparkly tights for us soon! ;)

Saara said...

I have just started to eat a lot of noodles, as I need to save money and they are supercheap in Finland... do u have any good hints on how to make them tastier?

Nicole Marie said...

what a great birthday you had! i can't say it enough how happy i for you!
you're living your dream and having a blast living every moment of it to the fullest!

Fashion Chalet said...

How are you miss V?

So happy to hear from you. I know what you mean hectic does not equal routine. So glad you're getting all settled in again! :)

Happy New Year!


Flor said...

i love your blog!!