Monday, January 25, 2010

Sophisticated Marugame

Although I consider my past weekend activities to be a little... uncouth, the rest of my time in Japan is spent looking for the coziest cafés, wine bars, and best sweets in town. Marugame may be covered in rice fields and mountains, but there are so many hidden little gems. And now that I have a shiny new bike and new friends to show me around, my life has gotten a bit more sophisticated... despite the weekends spent at cabins and various noodles shops and karaoke rooms. I just found the perfect balance. I love, love, love Japan.

{Umie café, hidden in an industrial building now converted into a cozy library-like setting}

{Café Taupe, where the owner makes his own cakes, and the wonderful spicy ginger tea}

{My favourite Japanese sweet shop. Ichigo daifuku-sticky rice cakes filled with a big strawberry and a flavoured paste of your choice: chocolate, tiramisu, cheese, custard, red bean}

{A lovely wine bar... I just adore anything bubbly...}

{Or red wine and some strong cheeses, which are so, so hard to find here. I savoured every single bite}


Life Abroad said...

That first cafe looks wonderful, like a rustic little library. It's great that you are finding a balance and have scoped out some hidden jems in the city.

Staci M.W. said...

Vivian. I can not tell you how lucky you are. My part of Japan (see here::,+Tochigi+Prefecture,+Japan&ll=36.314671,139.800131&spn=8.016417,14.128418&z=6) was NOTHING like this.
I lived in a factory/industrial town next to an apartment of Brazilians and Peruvians. Of course I ventured into Tokyo as often as possible. Which, living only an hour+ from that amazing city made it all worth it.
I'm sure if I'd found the same Japan you are, I may still be there!
It makes me happy to see you discovering such goodness! Love it!

Kelly said...

this looks devine!!! what a wonderful life you have in Japan :)

so sweet & simple yet so exciting!

Vivian said...

Staci, thanks always for your comments! I wish I could write you directly! But hey, the town you lived in sounds different a bit, but I'm sure you loved it regardless... :)

Staci M.W. said...

Vivian, I have some time in my day so I am finally going to compose a big 'ole direct message to ya! I'll send it when I get home this evening, er, your morning!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call your weekend activities uncouth. I think it's great that you did something different, because that is the best way to bond with people. I'm sure that in the future the stories you are going to love to tell are the ones involving your uncouth activities. It's wonderful to read how happy you are there.