Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cabin Fever

Cabin in the woods, poetry readings, karaoke night, gin tonics, guitar, and bus rides. This pretty much sums up my whirlwind weekend in the Shikoku wilderness. This weekend was Burns Night, a celebration of poet Robert Burns, where dozens of fellow English teachers met up in the woods for a night of poetry reading and cocktails. In fact, it's a fun party disguised as a literary event... with lots of cocktails and music.

To be fair, a cabin in Japan is not exactly as rustic as a cabin back home. I was expecting wilderness and bear sightings, but we pretty much ended up on a luxury resort, with very few trees and too many vending machines. The cabins were all pretty warm and cozy, and within seconds of one another. I had wonderful roommates, with whom I shared a lovely dinner and wine, and then headed to the main cabin for a night of poetry reading.

I was fairly impressed by my peers' skills at reading and performing- everyone got really into it, and many people actually wrote their own poems. The evening continued on very late, with some music, more cocktails, pictures and laughter, everyone piled up in the small tatami room. The night ended early in the morning, when we all crashed on our futons, and tried to sneak a few hours of sleep, until a harsh wake up call from the cleaning ladies.

We had a lazy day walking around the river and enjoying the sun, some people choosing to enjoy the onsen (outdoor baths), or drinking coffee before the bus ride that took us back to Takamatsu. We all went out for bagels downtown, before catching our respective trains back home. And, since we just cannot get enough of each other, about eight of us met up for a late dinner in Marugame, just to hang out and reminisce about the weekend fun.

I love my life in Japan, and I love my new friends here... I feel so smitten with everything right now.

{Sleeping bags, food from the grocery store.. and barely making the train}

{Catching the train to Takamatsu after a late karaoke night... before a long bus ride.  The bus had chandeliers. I'm serious. Welcome to a Japanese bus.}

{Lovely log cabin we stayed in, and the river view... gorgeous}

{The boys making dinner, while the girls chatted and relaxed}

{Some poetry reading and performing, from rap songs to angry deliveries}

{Friendships, loads of sweets, and lots of fruit juice}

Time to go to bed, to catch up on some much, much needed sleep... to get a healthy week full of runs and bike rides.


Kelly said...

what a wonderful weekend!! i have a trip up to the mountains planned with a bunch of friends for valentine's day!! and your post has made me very excited for it!!!

loved the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Nothing helps a poetry reading like a litte alcohol.

seasonal lust said...

no no no, your 'peace' sign is still too canadian/hipster. you must turn out your palm like your friend to your left. she has perfected the japanese fobby "Victory V". hehe

but other than that, what a fun weekend!

French lover said...

Such a cute cabin !!!!!!
Sounds like you had a great weekend, au milieu de ces paysages féériques.... Oh I envy you ! I wish I could escape Paris for Japan right now !

Isabel said...

hehe, Iain`s face is just beautiful.
I am happy. We`re all happy :-)

Jen said...

Hey Vivian, sounds like you had another amazing weekend! I'm so jealous.

I gave you an award, visit my blog to see!

hatsandmissy said...

looks like yall had fun