Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A supermarket in Japan

{Available cheese selection. Hmmm. Sketchy.}

{My supermarket! Ace One, baby}

{Baking section... oh I'll need to get creative with a tiny toaster oven!}

{Baking tins and accessories}

{My new cutout boyfriend}

{Would you like some Creap in your coffee?}

{Pocky. Bitter chocolate. For men only, apparently}

{Heaps of Pocky!}


French lover said...

I'm laughing so hard right now ! Men's Pockys ? And that cheese selection !! Gotta love Japan.

Anonymous said...

Dude, your boyfriend is so hawt. And, yes, go for the Lonely Planet phrase book thing. Aren't they so funny? Love LP. AND, I promise to write you back very soon :-)

Kelly said...

hahaha pocky for men?? amazing. i want to know what the women's on looks like!

and yea, i agree with vanessa, your cutout boyfriend is a babe :)

Nicole Marie said...

i see pocky everywhere! what is that? like chocolate covered pretzels??

Viva La Fashion said...

that's so cool. and i love the random cardboard cut out. :)

Anonymous said...

That image of the cheese had me laughing. It does look sketchy.

Lisa said...

That looks............ delicious.....

Except for Pocky. Pocky is good. Pocky is great. Pocky = good breakfast !

As for the cardboard bf, can I borrow him? He'd look super hot in my bedroom :D

melanie lace said...

Love these pix!