Friday, December 18, 2009

Small town girl

Making friends in a small town is much, much easier than it is in a big city. Marugame only has one train line and one train station, so you're bound to run into another foreigner one day or another. Although I felt like I may be the only foreigner in my little town, turns out there is a dozen of us here.

Making friends is also easy when the girl who previously occupied my apartment had tons of friends, to whom she pre-introduced me (thank you!). I always get a bit surprised when people come up to me in the train or in the street, telling me: "you must be Vivian, the new girl in Marugame"!

Everyone has been so friendly and eager to plan activities, and they seem to be a pretty closed-knit community- throwing parties and various events. I am starting to see how Marugame is a really fun place, with fun people and so much to do.

Tonight is the farewell party at the foreigner bar, unfortunately closing down. I'll get to meet everyone else I haven't met yet, and celebrate the holidays Marugame-style!


{lovely little things} said...

That's nice you have the small-town network, definitely easier to meet friends than in the big city.

Nicole Marie said...

aww how nice!

Daniela said...
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seasonal lust said...

you're the "new girl in town"! how nice and sweet!