Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello, 2010

2009 has been quite the ride. Full of surprises. Never thought I'd end up in Japan. I've lived in three different countries this year- Korea, Canada, and Japan. I love them all but for once I'm happy about where I am now.

2009: cupcakes, new friendships, broken hearts, goodbyes, hellos, dreams, summer in Montreal, television sets, decisions, tears, brunches, caf├ęs, traveling, fast trains, learning Japanese, achievements. Not so bad I'd say, but it was exhausting.

2010: resolutions? hmmm. learn japanese, travel around Japan as much as I can, have more fabulous weekends in Tokyo and Osaka, make the most of my time here, keep friendships, keep running running running, be happy. And see where it all takes me.


Nicole Marie said...

great resolutions :)

Stephanie Catherine Tatyana Morris said...

Listening to Dave Matthews "Crush" and reading about the other side of the world........I sat where you sat overlooking Shibuyia.
Happy New Year Viv.