Thursday, December 17, 2009

A girl in the city

Living in a small town has its charms, and I absolutely love it, but once in a while I need my city fix. Today marks the start of my three-week long holiday (yes!), so I boarded the local train to Takamatsu and did some damage. I haven't had much time to really make my home cozy, so Muji was my first stop.

Muji is like a candy store to me. It has everything I could ever dream of: food, clothes, and furniture. And, it's so cheap! The sheets that came with my original futon are quite rigid and uncomfortable, so I definitely needed an upgrade. The lovely sales girl helped me figure out the whole futon situation, and I picked out some fluffy blankets for those cold Shikoku nights, and a soft cotton cover. I still don't put the heat on in my apartment, it's warm enough, but I love having tons of blankets. I also picked up some bath salts (I'm absolutely loving my Japanese bathtub), and milk tea mix.

Starbucks was my other stop, and luckily it was located right across from Muji. A dream come true... looking at the Muji window display while sipping my Caramel Eclair Latte on a warm, sunny day.

Last but not least, a shopping spree is never complete without my beloved Zara, where I picked out a few basics.

Time to enjoy my holiday... lots of writing and reading, hiking, running, sightseeing on Shikoku... and planning a long awaited trip to my favourite cities, Kyoto and Tokyo. Magical Christmas.


maeghan said...

I love all your pictures. And your bed looks so cozy! Have a wonderful trip. :)

ANDY said...

i just bought that shirt yesterday and now saw that you bought it too, great minds think alike! ahha

Are you enjoying Japan???

Andy from