Friday, December 18, 2009

The art of bathing

You may or may not remember the funny stories about my Korean shower. Not that I didn't love the Korean shower, but my particular one was moldy, freezing, and right over the toilet. Charming. Showering in Japan is a bit different. In fact, it's an art here. The actual shower room only contains a bathtub, a shower head, and a small sink (the toilet is located in a separate room):

Traditionally, one must shower first (besides the bathtub), and rinse off all remains of soap before having a soak in the bathtub. I tried it and yes, a bathtub soak feels quite luxurious after showering! And the bathtub is quite tiny, it's pretty much square-shaped, but it's very deep. I'm loving it! I bought all kinds of bath salts from Muji and I'm really enjoying this new ritual, which feels amazing after a long run or a few hours running after kindergarten kids!


French lover said...

Muji bath salts... I wish <3

mina said...

I think Japan is an amazingly wonderful place. I kind of want to be there right now. Mexico is filthy.

I miss the Japanese bathroom we had in Tokyo! Alex and I have often talk about re-creating it in the house we settle in!

P.S. I have no idea when we will be in Japan - but I will make sure to send you a note when we are headed your way!! Hope you're having a blast!

Nicole Marie said...

oh i bet its nice to take a bath!

The Southern Lady said...

Hello there! I found your blog through Kelly of "Just a Girl in a City".

My family and I are moving to Tokyo and know exactly what you mean about the shower area. My husband is already living there, in the Park Habio Azabu Towers and the pictures took me by surprise when I first saw the pictures of our apartment baths.

I cannot wait to enjoy the experienece first-hand! June can't come soon enough.

seasonal lust said...

i spot a bottle of kiehls! love that stuff!