Friday, November 13, 2009

Training, maps, and trains

This week (which is not over yet) has been intense with training, training, training. Kind of harsh and exhausting, but I was expecting it. My training group is a lot of fun, so we all hang out together and plan our lessons and share tips. Makes training a bit more bearable!

Funny story today. All of us trainees were left on our own in Nagoya, we each had to go to a different school to observe some classrooms. We were left with a map and some directions. The company made a mistake and sent me to the wrong school, so they had to fax me a new map so I could get to the right location. They had me take a taxi and direct the driver in Japanese, it was quite eventful. I was a bit stressed out, but mostly amused.

I've been floating on a cloud since I got here. You know, that euphoric feeling. Being in love feeling. It's probably just a (honeymoon) phase, but it feels great. I think coming to Japan was the best decision for me. Right now.


{lovely little things} said...

That's the best feeling, hold onto it!

Anonymous said...

I think so, too! I'm so happy that YOU are happy :-)

Kelly said...

i'm loving your updates!!!! i love that your transition {right now} is something that you are lovinggggg. it makes me jealous!!! i want to join you!

p.s. snazzy shoes in the last picture :)