Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Futon and language musings

Still loving Japan. Thank you for all your kind comments, I'm sorry I haven't had time to comment on your blogs, but I've been catching up on them. I can't wait to move to my location in a few weeks, and have an easier access to the internet.

Quick notes about training... I've been learning a lot of Japanese! My trainer was quite impressed with my speaking skills (or rather, my intonation and accent), but I blame it on my time spent in Korea. I've somehow picked up on the different intonations. That being said, I still only know about ten Japanese words!

They even taught us how to bow properly, which is essential in Japan. Customer service is so amazing here, all shop employees (even at 7-Eleven) are so polite... and I mean, extremely polite, bowing to you and saying 'Arigato' over and over. I very much enjoy that.

Last night, a fellow trainee and I went to a cozy little Japanese bar and drank some warm sake. We chatted with some locals, and it's definitely a great way to learn more Japanese.

And oh, I've flipped my futon mattress and even put it outdoors. Apparently Japanese people do it on a daily basis, to avoid bed bugs (eww).


Saara said...

i luv to read your blog :)

nifer said...

I love how you fearlessly (or seemingly fearlessly!) throw yourself into a culture and immerse yourself. It's wonderful!

~ Jen

Lisa said...

Ahhhhh... reading your latest posts makes me want to go to Japan SO BAD..... (and maybe I'll get to go next year, with a bit of luck... fingers crossed!)

How's training going so far? :) do you find Japanese very difficult? Would you say it's harder than Korean? I realize that's a stupid question, it's probably equally as difficult :P

Canadian Pie said...

wow so jealous of you! i want to go to japan!

enjoy your training!

melanie lace said...

Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Try to seep yourself into the culture as much as you can! Don't feel bad about the bed bugs, we get them here in the US too. Their standard of being polite is so refreshing, kind of makes you want to be a nicer person!

Nicole Marie said...

yay for learning 10 words!!!