Thursday, November 26, 2009

So long, Nagoya

Only three more days in Nagoya, then I'm officially moving to Takamatsu! I talked on the phone to the girl whose apartment I'm getting, and it sounds great: brand new apartment, large closets, and pretty big kitchen according to Japanese standards. Don't get too excited, a big Japanese kitchen is probably quite tiny still. But I'm excited! So, so excited. She also told me the neighbourhood I'm living in is great, there are little caf├ęs and tons of cool, young Japanese people.

Pretty everyone from my training group left for their respective cities. My apartment is not ready until next week, so I'm just staying around Nagoya, teaching here and there. It's nice, but I cannot wait to finally unpack and settle in. The schedule in Nagoya is a bit overwhelming, I still have those crazy long commutes and treasure hunts to find the key to each school. Once I move to Takamatsu, my commuting time will be much shorter, and I'll always go to the same schools.

It's a bit odd to be alone here in Nagoya, after spending two intensive weeks with the rest of the group! I don't have much time to get bored, there is a lot to do, and I know a few people in Nagoya by now. The good thing is, I kept in touch with everyone from my training group, so I'll be able to go visit them in different parts of the country!

Time flies, Christmas vacation will be here shortly. I have a fun little trip planned for New Years, more on that later!


Anonymous said...

It'll be so exciting to see your new place! I just hope no one steals your futon this time!

Kelly said...

can't wait to see pictures!!! it sounds darling!! good luck with the move!! and thank you for the sweet comment on my last post...its made me smile from ear to ear :)


Nicole Marie said...

yay! big closet! new apt! big kitchen! can't wait to see pics and hear all about it!

Isa said...

I'm sorry but I'm a new reader and I just started reading about your adventures in Japan (I'll save your Seoul adventures later ^ ^) but I was wondering, what program did you join? Something like JET?