Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday in Nagoya

Some random pictures of my apartment... the garbage system is so complicated! Three different bins, we must separate everything. Great for the environment, though. The view from my apartment is not all that great, right under the subway tracks, but it's only temporary. Must jet, some sightseeing to do... The weather is so warm, like 22 degrees.


Anonymous said...

It's the same way in Sweden, I have to sort my trash into SIX different bins (colored or clear glass, aluminum, plastic, paper, non-recyclable). Like you said, it's great for the environment, but still kind of a pain.
Anywho, have a fantastic day of sightseeing!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are settling in well there. And everything does look really clean which is great. Have fun sightseeing.

Anonymous said...

And I thought Korea was complicated. I hated separating the "food" waste that went in the orange bags. That was super gross...but if I didn't do it, I'd feel super guilty.

Kelly said...

wow! 3 bins? do they just recycle a lot? or is it all garbage??

and i am cracking up at "The weather is so warm, like 22 degrees." I would DIE in 22 degree weather. What are the temperatures in Canada??!

So glad you are settling in well!!

seasonal lust said...

look at you! on the go!

and VIVI!!!! <3