Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sake and Karaoke

Sunday is our only day off during training, so we partied Japanese style! Saturday afternoon it was the first time we all taught a lesson on our own- kind of stressful! The teaching methods are quite different from Korea- it's all very structured, and we need to follow the guidelines. My class went quite well, the kids were very young and adorable, and I played a few games and introduced myself. I traveled for almost two hours in the Japanese countryside- it was such a beautiful scenery.

Last night was a blast, and it was good to unwind. We had drinks at my place (seems like it's the place to be!), then headed out to a small Japanese bar for some warm sake (my new favourite drink). Then around 3am, we went to a karaoke room and sang our hearts out.... everything ranging from Oasis to Nirvana. Then, out to McDonalds for late-night grubs (Japan offers a 100 yen menu, which is one dollar for a meal). Went to bed around 5am, and I'm heading downtown today to meet a friend for coffee.

I do miss Sunday brunch, though ;)


Caustic Blonde said...

I love that you love it so far!

Anonymous said...

Soooo wishing I had your life right now! I need to move again, somewhere exciting!

{lovely little things} said...

I like warm sake better than cold sake too, although I've never actually drank it in Japan! Looks like it was a fun night.

melanie lace said...

Sounds like you are letting off some much needed steam. Mcds @ 5am...can't remember the last time I did that! I'm jealous!

Kelly said...

this sounds FANTASTIC!!! i want to come join you :)

Grace said...

I always thought it interesting that karaoke translates to empty orchestra in Japanese.

Excited to hear about your next adventure!

Love Grace.