Monday, November 30, 2009

New home. Takamatsu.

Long moving day! Woke up at 6am, packed the rest of my bags, and even though my suitcases had been shipped, I realized I had way too much stuff left behind. Lugged everything around the Nagoya subway, and hopped on the Shinkansen to the deep, deep south!

The best part of my trip was when the train crossed the bridge that connects Shikoku island to the mainland. So beautiful! Mountains, mountains, beaches, islands, more islands, and the greenest water I've ever seen. I really, really live in a beautiful place.

Today felt surreal. I kept telling myself, 'this is home now'- but somehow I couldn't grasp it. Everything felt so strange and unfamiliar, but so charming and welcoming at the same time. Even tonight, after my luggage and futon finally shipped, I ventured out to the grocery store, cautiously wandering the streets, trying not to get lost.

I live a 5-min walk away from a beautiful, ancient castle that stands tall on a mountain. My neighbourhood is surrounded by trees, parks, temples, and little wooden restaurants. The train station and grocery store are a few steps away. I live next to a library and museum. I have the feeling I'll really love it here.

And the apartment! The only word that came to mind when I first saw it was 'cute'. It's small, but so cozy. It's a standard Japanese apartment: a little hall and kitchen when you first walk in (the kitchen definitely is big for Japan), then the main room, where I'll sleep/eat/relax. Sounds tiny, I know! The bathroom is in two separate parts: one room is the toilet, and the other room is a nice deep bathtub, shower, and sink. And my closet is huge!

Tomorrow I'll make a trip to Muji (Ikea-like store) to get some essentials, and I'll most likely get a cell phone. Finally.


French lover said...

Cute place ! Lucky you, I wish I had a good reason to stock up at Muji, there's one close to my place and it takes a lot of self control not to go everyday ;-)

danceofthecosmos said...

The place looks nice. Muji! I love it, such a shame there aren't any Muji stores around here. Everything sounds so interesting and exciting! The place you live in sounds so beautiful.

jen laceda said...

I just discovered your blog through the Lil Bee. I hope to get to know more of your adventures in Asia!!

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-Jen from Les Filles Giada et Cairo and Folie à Deux

Anonymous said...

So cute! And I loooove Muji! They sell it here in Sweden at one of our department stores, but it's not the full selection. Yet another reason to add to the list of why I'm severely jealous of you!

Kelly said...

everything looks great!! and your place is SO cute!! from the pictures it doesn't look too small...

yay for huge closets!! it means you need to FILL it with all the amazing fashion there :)


{lovely little things} said...

It sounds beautiful, how fun to live so close to a castle. Can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

What a nice place. I think living conditions are the number one factor that determine what kind of aborad experience a person will have. There's nothing better than coming home to a nice and clean apartment.