Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hello, Shinkansen and Takamatsu!

{Ritsurin Garden, Takamatsu. Yes, I'll be living there.}

Last day in Nagoya! Had a fantastic weekend. Went out every single night, and taught a little bit on Saturday. Last night some friends and I went to a few random bars around Nagoya, some foreigner bars, as well as Japanese bars. Stayed up all night, Japan style. I realized this is my last day in a really big city, so I made some purchases today (quality coffee and teas, little house things at Muji). I still don't know what will be available in Takamatsu, but I imagine quite a few things.

I'm moving tomorrow, hopping on the Shinkansen at 9am. I'm actually more excited about getting to ride the bullet train than the actual moving. I'm quite ecstatic, but a bit terrified at the same time. My fellow trainees told me they feel a bit lonely sometimes in their new areas, so that will be a bit of a challenge.

My area supervisor is picking me up at the train station tomorrow around noon, and he'll help me move into my apartment. My luggage has been shipped with the company a few days ago, so hopefully it will have arrived when I get there. I can finally get a phone and perhaps a more decent internet connection! He'll help me take care of everything tomorrow. He also gave me a day off on Tuesday, so I can relax, settle in, and get familiar with my new city!

I am in a hurry to get away from Nagoya, because my work schedule was ridiculous, but at the same time I've been having so much fun here, meeting locals and fellow teachers who live here.

Well, here's to my new home. Takamatsu. Kafka on the shore. Beautiful mountains, temples, gardens and the beach.


Anonymous said...

Mountain, beaches, temples? You've got it made, Viv!

maeghan said...

Your life just sounds so exciting and wonderful with all of the constant change and new experiences! I love love love reading about it! I've been eating up every post and trying my best to live vicariously through you, haha. :)

Kelly said...

gooood luuuuck! i'm thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way!!! and i totally agree with vanessa, mountains, beaches and temples?? you DO have it made!!


A Girl in Asia said...

Wow - looks and sounds like a gorgeous place!