Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pop Montreal

{Daehyun and I playing and singing some Neutral Milk Hotel. We even made a video, which I'm too embarrassed to post.}

October in Montreal brings the cold weather (seriously, I'm wearing mittens today), but it also rhymes with Pop Montreal, a music festival that takes place in different venues all over the city. It usually brings little-known artists from all over the world, and a few big names. My early morning work schedule does not really allow me to party all night long, but here are some highlights I'm excited to see:

My friend Daehyun, who came all the way from Seoul (via London) to play the festival

Think About Life, an upbeat local Montreal band who are so much fun to watch live

Kid Koala, a kindergarten teacher turned DJ

Teenage Jesus + The Jerks, the only reason I care about them is because Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth is in that band!

The coolest import from Sweden, Fever Ray

May I get on the guest list?? Aw, thanks, Pop!

via Quietly Loud


Anonymous said...

This sounds really cool. And once again, I'm learning more about music. Thank you!

Anonymous said...
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seasonal lust said...

i love NMH!! recently discovered them.