Monday, October 19, 2009

Packing for Asia

I learned a few valuable lessons the first time around, and I'll be more sensible while packing for Japan. I have to put my whole life in two suitcases, which is a scary thought to most people, but I can pack really light. Do I need ten pairs of boots? No. And since I'll be living in Japan, I can buy things there over the course of my stay. Here's a list (again) of things I won't forget to bring:

Not the real kind, but the television kind. Friends have always been there for me, Friends never change, and Friends always cheer me up and are just so comforting. I won't leave without packing a few DVDs.

Maple syrup
If I have a little bit of room left for a can, it's coming with me.

Pillow and small blanket
I never travel without my own pillow (it's tiger shaped), and a small blanket will make me feel cozy.

Spices and vitamins
Some spices we use regularly are impossible to find in Asia, and vitamins are so overpriced there.

Although it's not commonly used in Asia, I've seen it in Seoul, but it was expensive. I'll stock up before, just in case.

Mini French coffee press
Coffee is so expensive over there, I'll stick to making my own.

My music
Fortunately the era of CDs is over, and everything fits quite nicely on my iPod. I actually am building a Japan playlist, I'm just dorky like that.

A few of my favourite movies
Lost in Translation, of course. And some comedies to cheer myself up on bad days. And some SATC.

Luckily I fit into Japan sizes for clothes and shoes (thank goodness), so that's not a big worry.

It's kind of hard to pick two suitcases worth of my possessions, but having it done a few times before really puts things in perspective. Moving overseas made me a bit less materialistic, as I learned to live with less, and to appreciate small treats. As I'm typing this, I'm looking around my living room, at my extensive movie and book collection, and it makes me a bit sad to part with it, but I know it's totally worth it.

Anything else you can think of?


seasonal lust said...

I cant think of anything else, so I'm not being helpful but your item of maple syrup just reminded me to tell you a random fact about how my boyfriend got me maple tea from canada and I love it. =)

Kelly said...

....maybe some mac'n'cheese??? that would be first on my list haha. although can you make that there??

you're so on top of things and definitely think ahead. but i guess it helps that you've done this before :)

Nicole Marie said...

mac and cheese! just one box to have on that day that you really really need it!!

great idea with bringing friends and movies.

the less clothes you bring, the more you can convince yourself you need to buy over there :)

{lovely little things} said...

French press coffee, maple syrup, and FRIENDS are definite must-packs in my book!

Fashion Chalet said...

I thought of you when I picked the song :)


Lisa said...

Kraft Dinner, definitely. The white cheese kind <3

I can't think of anything else right now, since you already mentionned maple syrup..... yum!

Will you keep your Montreal apartment? What do you do with your stuff? Sorry if it's too personal a question but it really makes me wonder, as I'm starting to plan stuff, and I really wonder what I would do with the possessions I had to leave behind!

It's silly but I'm so excited for you :) I can't wait to hear about your trip!!!

June Paski said...

I'm asian soo I don't know about it
how you enjoy living in asian :)


Vivian said...

I cannot believe I forgot about the Mac 'n Cheese!! Of course I'll pack a few boxes... they'll make me so happy!

Lisa- as for my apartment, I decided to transfer the lease to a friend. Subletting it is too much responsibility, and I might be gone for longer than I intend to, so I thought it was best. I'll start over when I come back, and since it's a friend who's taking over, it might be mine again when I come back, if I want to...

Lisa said...

Oh that's a good idea :] thanks for the info, I was just curious. I'm really considering applying for JET next year sooooo..... already starting to take notes! That is, if I don't get my internship halfway across the world this spring :)

Hope the packing is going well!

Mae said...

I know what you mean about spices and vitamins! I was able to find cumin, rosemary and oregano in Ho Chi Minh City, but not in the city where I currently live. The vitamins thing is tough too. They sell Centrum individually at the pharmacies! None of the good health food stores with food derived vitamins.

Michelle said...

Hey there,

I just found your blog today. I spent a year and a half in Japan. You will be able to get Mac -n- cheese in areas close to Tokyo, just not the smaller cities. It's pricey so a good idea to bring your own, just know you can get it for times of crisis! If you are a tampon user, pack lots. They are a very rare find. Enjoy your time, there you will love it!