Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Japan: things to get excited about

Okay, so no baking and Mac 'n Cheese for the next year. Sad, sad. To cheer myself up, I made a list, in true Vivian fashion, of things to look forward to in Japan... the list is long, and I'm seriously excited (despite being seriously sleep-deprived).

*Uniqlo (oh I've missed you, lovely, cheap clothes)
*Weekends in Tokyo (although I won't be living in Tokyo, some of my friends do, and I'll definitely have some fun weekends there)
*Shinkansen (also known as, the fastest train in the world. And it's always on time.)
*Japanese food (fresh sushi, soba, ramen, and a plenty of new discoveries are awaiting me)
*Hello Kitty everywhere. Being cute is okay.
*The wicked, wicked music scene... concerts.... festivals. Hello, Summer Sonic.
*Muji (Ikea's Japanese counterpart)
*Higher technology (let's be honest here, North America is quite obsolete)
*Efficient public transporation
*Japanese fashion magazines (JJ, Vivi... even if I can't read, the pictures are startling)
*Japanese fashion and style (need I say more?)
*Onsens (hot spring spas) and public bath houses (I finally got over my fear in Korea)
*Having my own Japanese bathtub in my apartment (bathing in Japan is an art)
*Taking Japanese classes
*Cherry blossom season
*Mini trips around the beautiful country
*Seeing and petting deer in Nara
*Making friends with fellow expats, and locals
*Teaching kids (yes, I love teaching, and can't wait to get creative again)
*Writing, writing, writing
*Having more time to read books, relax, and run
*Taking pictures
*The beautiful Japanese countryside
*Going back to Kyoto, one of the most fascinating places in the world
*Being a foreigner (can be fun. a lot of fun.)
*Convenience stores everywhere (you can find so much, and they have fun, cheap drinks and weird candy)
*Suntory lemon Vitamin water
*Green tea
*Healthier lifestyle
*Trips to Seoul to visit friends and re-live memories
*Family and friends from home visiting (you better come see me)
*Beach vacations in SE Asia
*Incredible customer service (Asia has the best in the world)
*Weird Japanese things (I don't know exactly what, yet, but I know there will be plenty of weirdness... at first)
*Living abroad. 

Just another summer day in Tokyo

I am aware the whole year won't be all fun and games, but that's life. Whenever I feel sad I'll re-read the list. Adjusting to a different culture and leaving everything behind is terrifying, but I remind myself that staying here and missing out would perhaps be even more terrifying.


seasonal lust said...

this trip sounds like a personal retreat!!

"Having my own Japanese bathtub in my apartment (bathing in Japan is an art)"

i find this one funny considering how horrible your shower situation was in Korea was. =)

and please do post on all the weird japanese stuff! i love those!

Kristin said...

That sounds like an awfully good pro list. The cherry blossoms alone are worth it!

maeghan said...

So envious. I'm planning on going back to Taiwan in a few months to visit one of my best friends and her boyfriend who are living there right now, and I'm seriously trying to convince my boyfriend that we should go to Japan, too. :) If we do, you can give me some suggestions!

Madeleine said...

Ahh, all these things sound so great! From cherry blossom season to japanese food- life will be so good. :) I always remember a story from my friend who spent 8 years in japan (and went only for a year!) In restaurants when you go to the bathroom you put on slippers, and many times people forget to put their shoes back on and walk out with the slippers. It's cute :)

J said...

so jealous! i fell in love with japan during my first visit but never had the chance to go back. one day....

mina said...

Yay for Uniqlo! Awesome list.

roysie said...

Sounds awesome! I've never been to Japan but can't wait to go someday.

{lovely little things} said...

Your upcoming adventure is so inspiring, makes me want to travel there TODAY! Please tell us everything, the food, the outfits, the sights & scenes, hoping to get there in 2010, I could use all the wisdom I can from a local!

Kelly said...

looks to me like a fantastic list with some many things to look forward to!

the Japanese bathtub sounds delicious! you'll have to do a separate post on that! Especially if it is an art form!

Hope you're having the best Thursday!

Fashion Chalet said...

I can tell we're on the same wavelength, if we met, I know we'd completely hit it off. From music, to food, to fashion, we love all the same things. :)

AND your support means a lot to me, Vivian! I need positive people around me most when change comes around. ;)


Clarity said...

Sounds so exciting and I wouldn't mind learning the language. I agree it does sound like a retreat with classes.

Nicole Marie said...

plus you've already got the seol experience under your belt so you know kind of the things you weren't prepared for before.
there will be bad days but you'll remember this list and remember to enjoy every second!!

Kerri Lynne said...

I'm excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

PS: and let's be honest, I'm SO JEALOUS.

PlanetLumiere said...

when life brings changes i've no control over, i do the same thing! i love your list and muji & uniqlo alone make me wanna visit japan! (and the sushi. omg.)


Grace said...

God I could only imagine how amazing the Japanese version of Ikea must be.

Love Grace.

Life Abroad said...

you have so much to look forward to, it sounds amazing! i would definitely be looking forward to the fresh sushi around every corner!

French lover said...

Mujirushi isn't just fun for their super cool furniture/decoration, they also have amazing clothes !! Be sure to check it out. I'm a big big fan. Luckily enough they have a few stores in Paris :)

Caustic Blonde said...

I'll send you Mac and Cheese if you send me weird

Phyllis said...

I love muji! Haha although it can be a bit expensive. And after coming back to ca after 3 months in Taiwan 711s definitely hold a special place in my heart now.
Ahh you're so lucky!!

A Girl in Asia said...

It all sounds pretty good to me!!