Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cupcakes, and yet another list.

Last weekend, I stopped by my local cupcake shop, and told the charming girl who works there that she'd see me at least once a week for the next month, because I was moving abroad, in a (most-likely) cupcake-less land. She was excited when I told her about Japan, and she said not to be so sad, because the clothes and fashion would be amazing there. That is, if I can fit into it after binging on baked goods like I intend to for my last month in Montreal.

Most Asian apartments are not equipped with an oven, so no more baking for me, unless I get creative and use the toaster oven. It makes me sad, and here are some things I'll indulge in for the next month:

*Baking as many cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and pies as I can.
*Hopefully sharing them with friends (no need to fatten up, my current size is probably considered overweight for Japan...sigh)
*Eat and cook Mexican food (so difficult/expensive to find in the East)
*Run and enjoy the sights at the mountain
*Entertain my friends at home, with dinner parties
*Go to many concerts (although Japan has a wicked music scene)
*Just enjoy my apartment, my lovely white bed and comforter
*Eat Mac 'n Cheese once a week
*Take in the sights of Montreal, and soak in the culture and French language I won't hear/speak anymore

Sigh. That list makes me sad. But I'll come up with a list of exciting things to look forward to in Japan, and I promise it will be even longer.

Note: After reading my cupcakes whining, a friend who's already in Japan confirmed that yes, there are cupcakes in Japan. I'll be definitely looking for Fujiya. And Mina already told me that desserts in Japan can be quite decadent. Phew.

{I realize this post makes me sound like a complete pig, too. I can live with that.}


maeghan said...

Mmm... baked goods sound amazing right now! Still can't believe you're leaving so soon! I can't wait to be done with school, so I can embark on some new adventures for myself! :)

Kelly said...

This is a fantastic list! so many great things to do before you leave. And knowing you, you'll be able to find a whole slew of things to do/appreciate about Japan. ANd I can't wait to read all about it!!!

I love this pic...and oldie but WAY goodie :)

C said...

aww thanks!

wow. that is really amazing, what are you going to teach? what an exciting experience.

{lovely little things} said...

Apartments don't usually have ovens in Japan? What an interesting fact, I had no idea. Bake it up Vivian!!

Madeleine said...

Ahh, Japan will be so exciting! I want to visit there so badly. I also lack an oven- no oven here, microwave, or even a toaster oven. I am about to look up recipes for dinner I am cooking tomorrow (have to be creative!)

I wish you well in doing all those things before your departure. xxx!

nifer said...

See? For every thing you will miss about Montreal, there will be an equally delightful thing in Japan!

Enjoy your last month home, but look forward to everything Japan holds for you! Don't be sad.

~ Jen

My Castle in Spain said...

i assure you, you don't sound like a pig at all! :-)
i'm glad to catch you at another turning point in your adventures and will happily follow you to Japan !

Andee Layne said...

it will be such a eye opening experience and such an amazing time! cant wait to hear about it! great blog! Please check out my fashion and lfestyle blog Follow mine as i will yours! xo

Lisa said...

Oh my god I can't believe you're going to Japan!!! That is amazing, I'm so happy for you.

Looks like I will be living vicariously through your adventures once again hehe. Japan has always been a dream for me, so I think you're soooooo lucky to be able to take the plunge and go! I hope you will love it :)

And btw, thanks again for the invitation but I didn't even go to Montreal like I was supposed to... I can't believe it's October already!!!

Where did you get your cupcakes?

Claire said...

Here's to a fabulous adventure in Japan! =)

Clarity said...

Oh my goodness you move fast!

I remember asking you on first reading your blog a while ago if you would ever move to Japan and how you said you would love to.

Now?.... I just read through 3 old posts to chart the backwards story. You adventurous girl, I wish you happiness, peace and enlightenment. I also wish you ... cupcakes!

Can I have your old apartment? kidding, x.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

i'm adopting your list. I need to bake, every day.

Nicole Marie said...

hahaha. that sounds amazing. can i pretend like i'm going too so i can eat mac and cheese and cupcakes everyday!

Taylor Sterling said...

Cupcakes are so bomb!! Love them! Great list of things to do!

issyyyyyyyy said...

lovely ♥

Michelle said...

Totally get in tons of the food you love before you leave! Most people take stuff like that for granted and don't realize until they're somewhere new that they don't have everything they're used to!

Go enjoy those cupcakes & mac & cheese!

Haddock said...

(although Japan has a wicked music scene). . ........Ha ha I like that.