Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend soundtrack

Time to share some good stuff.

Kasabian "L.S.F."
{Fell for the fun Brits when I saw them at Pentaport festival in Seoul}

Neutral Milk Hotel "Two Headed Boy"
{My Korean friend, who's visiting me, impressed me when he started to play Neutral Milk Hotel on his guitar. I couldn't believe he knew them.}

Matt and Kim "Daylight"
{Hoping to catch them in Montreal next weekend}

The Jesus and Mary Chain "Just Like Honey"
{I had the chance to see the JAMC last summer at Summer Sonic in Tokyo. It would have been wonderful to see them perform my favourite Lost in Translation song, but instead I scalped my ticket, pocketed 50$, and got lost in Tokyo. Not bad.}

Stars "Your Ex Lover is Dead"
{Some Montreal love}

{High school, anyone?}


Anonymous said...

This was like a music class for me, Vivian. lol. You should do this all of the time so that I can improve my music knowledge. Thank you so much for this post.

Kelly said...

you always introduce me to the greatest stuff!! thank you :)

Tania said...

will have to listen to some of them :D

Marie said...

This is my first time at your blog.
I'm Marie from JAPAN.
Welcome to Japan :)
I hope you can enjoy in Japan.

Anonymous said...

these are awesome...thanks for keeping my music fresh!

Marie said...

Hey :)
Thanks for reply.
When will you move to Japan?
Of course I can teach you Japanese,
And I want you to teach me French!
That's great to help each other =)

Erika said...

Such an amazing playlist - many of these artists I had never heard of before; now I'm hooked. You should post more playlists like this! :)

The Lil Bee said...

Funny...most of these bands are ones I've heard of, and most likely would recognize if I heard playing, but don't know that well. Which makes this list that much better, because I love new music!

I used to be SO obsessed with going to concerts and downloading the next big artist, and somehow I've slacked on that badly. You've just inspired me to put on some oldies but goodies (as in old faves...not of the 1950s variety!) as the soundtrack to my work day:)

Grace said...

Every song on that list is fantastic. Kudos to you!

Love Grace.