Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Japan after Korea

Experiencing Japan after Korea will be interesting. I keep telling myself that if I survived Korea, I definitely can survive Japan. Both countries have a lot in common, but they're also so different on many levels. I look forward to compare notes. I also know I'll be missing many things about Korea, but I'm not worried I'll fall in love over and over with so many Japanese things.

I started this blog right when I arrived in Korea, so I never tackled the "before" part of a move abroad: taking care of all the paperwork, visa, interviews, packing... getting ready for Korea was kind of a mess. Everything was so last minute, we obtained our visa ONE day before we were flying out, and we only found out our departure date two days before. It was a bit stressful. We only had a short 5-minute phone interview with someone who barely spoke English, so I suspect our hiring was solely based on our pictures (no kidding).

Japan is a different story. The whole process is so structured, so organized. I know exactly which documents I need, how many photocopies of each, my departure date, and every little detail I could imagine (except for my exact location!! which is fine, all of Japan is beautiful, as long as I live in a cockroach-free flat). The interview itself was a serious 2-hour long ordeal, and in person, no less.

Could the hiring process reflect the whole experience? In the sense that Korea was so chaotic... which I grew to love. And I'll miss it, Korea was just so... random. Full of surprises. Bad ones (like cockroaches, mold, and an overly zealous employer), but good ones as well (such as Seoul being an amazing cosmopolitan city, with full of cheap thrills). Japan will probably be a lot smoother in general, but also a lot more expensive. It will be a completely different experience, that I know for sure.

Almost everything is in order! Yesterday I visited the Japanese embassy... it was scary! A metal detector? But they had pretty pictures on the wall.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I can't wait to see what it's like once you get there! You're still in Canada and it's already shaping up to be so different. So exciting when things are unknown like this!

mina said...

Tokyo is soooo clean! I went to a bathroom in a train station that has as many people as the entire population of winnipeg at any given minute and it was one of the cleanest toilets I had ever seen. You are going to love it!!! (P.S. responded to your question in my comments section)

Anonymous said...

applying for public schools in Korea is actually pretty organized. BUT there are still lot of hiccups that can stress you out. I was very stressed last year ..even though i was preparing my documents within Korea.

You're funny..at least they had pretty pics lol. Luckily i never had to go to any consulates.

Nicole Marie said...

so exciting!!! i can't wait to hear about everything and follow/stalk your adventures all over again!!

C said...

what are you working @ in Asia? sounds exciting and a bit intimidating.


nifer said...

Crazy exciting! And, I can imagine, nerve-wracking too! Good luck getting everything in line, and I can't wait to read more about your latest adventure!

~ Jen

Kelly said...

I'm getting so excited!!
especially for:
new foods,
different culture,
your adventures,
your new place,
the fashion,
new friends,
and so much more!!!

i can't wait to read about it all!!!

Evelyn Rose said...

I'd love to travel to Japan; you are so lucky!