Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello, TV land

Movie sets are not glamourous. Unless your idea of glamourous is getting up at 4am, and standing around in the rain and cold until 10pm. Then yes, it's quite glamourous! Being a production assistant was quite, quite exciting, and I loved it!! I think I definitely pulled it off. I wore my oldest pair of Seven jeans, my Hunter rain boots (because it rained all weekend), layers and layers of clothes (because being outdoors before dawn is a bit chilly).

I drank tons of coffee, learned how to use a walkie talkie (and laughed so much at the jokes people cracked in my ears), mingled with the crew, blocked some streets, called out "rolls" and "cuts", pulled some wires, and did lots and lots of just sitting and waiting around. I learned that extras are like kindergarteners (only worse), and I kind of loved telling people to keep quiet on the set. We filmed on a beautiful location, outside the courthouse in the Old Montreal. Tons of tourists kept stopping and watching. At some point, a stray dog just ran in on the set, and messed up a whole scene.

Did I pull it off? Oh yes. Everyone was so kind and helpful. The crew guys thought I was hilarious. They decided to "initiate" me, by playing an embarrassing joke on me, that was heard all over the walkie talkie system. They had me run all over the set, asking all the departments for some item that did not exist. Gotta love the crew guys.

{Downtown street, lined with our equipment}

{No parking signs to indicate the filming}

{Our beautiful location. You can see the actual set in front}

{Some of our filming equipment}

{Hair and makeup trailers, and dressing rooms}

{My rain boots}

{Look at me handling the walkie talkie. The pink nails were a dead giveaway that I'm not a real PA, according to the make up artist!}

Time for me to sleep, sleep, sleep.


Kelly said...

what a great experience! the pictures are so beautiful...loving the courthouse the most.

and your nail polish is amazing...makes you a very chic p.a.! Don't you agree?!

have fun on your day off...get lots of rest!!

Madeleine said...

That must be so cool- lots and lots of hard work, but, as a film lover, I've always wished a little to be a part of film-making (always behind the scenes somewhere).
Good job!
I see you are back in Montreal- how I love that city! If I wasn't turned off by the winters, I think I would seriously contemplate moving there.

Lisa said...

OMG, you work on the set of Toute la vérité??? That's AWESOME!!! My friend (Law student) and I (1/3 of my BA = Law) are so excited about this show! Any dish???

I bet it was a lot of fun... I always enjoy myself when I work with a team of people. Even more so when it's a bunch of guys... somehow it makes us girls feel special :)

Honestly though I'd love to hear more about your job, I hope you can give us little updates every now and then. Like Madeleine, I'm such a film/tv lover that I really enjoy finding out about the "magic" that goes on behind the scenes hehe. One of my dreams is to get in that business (like head of a studio - how cool would that be?!) so anything on the topic is always SO interesting!

Hehe don't mean to make this about me. I hope you get some rest to make up for the crazy schedule... and enjoy the sunshine!!! I think it's going to be a very VERY nice week :D (obviously.. I just started school. It's always super nice outside that week, every single year, just to piss me off) !

Vivian said...

Thanks, Lisa!! I had no idea anyone knew about it!! How cool!

If you're ever in Montreal, let me know, if we're filming I'll invite you on the set and I can show you around :)

Anonymous said...

"...and I kind of loved telling people to keep quiet on the set." Are you bossy, Vivian? lol. This is so cool. It sounds like you had a great experience.

Tania said...

love hunter boots!!!!! :D

Vivian said...

Des- yes I like being a little bit bossy.... it's the teacher in me!!!

Kerri Lynne said...

sounds fun! xoxo

Lisa said...

Ohhhhhhh that would be fantastic! Thanks so much! I'll let you know :) do you shoot on weekends too? I think I'm coming down in like 2-3 weeks, maybe!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ooh, so neat! What movie were you working on?

Vivian said...

Lisa- we might have a few weekends of filming coming up, not sure, but i'll check. email me!

K- it's my regular television show, we just happened to film the exterior scenes last weekend :)

Eva Internazionale said...

This made me miss filmmaking. :(

Clarity said...

I love a Film Set. I even love the tired feeling after a shoot when you just want to sleep and eat - in that order.

Sweet nail colour :) What was the object you were chasing around?

Vivian said...

Clarity- they had me look all over the place for some "shadow remover".

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh fun!!! so exciting!! but it sounds cold!

they're filming a show called trauma all around sf and this week they're filming a block from my house. its so cool. i wanted to go down and see everything and imagine what you would be doing on the set.

mina said...

Initiation pranks are so mean! I've never had one played on me (the financial industry is pretty ho hum) but my friend (who is a flight attendant) had to serve a guy a condom on a platter - her co-workers told her that this was a normal request from the business men in executive class - I think yours was far less embarrassing!

Kristin said...

I think that sounds like a blast!

Life Abroad said...

That looks like such a fun experience! Not many people would get to see the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into tv and film! I'm sure you will remember this experience forever!