Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday I'm in love

{Me, showing love, in front of the trashiest bar in Phuket, Thailand}

Thanks for the love.

Thanks for all your lovely comments, and a special wink to Des and Liz for the shout-out. I'm bashfully blushing!

Do your friends and family know about your blog? I'm always taken aback when I'm having coffee with a friend, and they'll suddenly mention my blog. I get so timid about it. I had no idea they read it! The other day, one of my friends said "Oh, you've been updating your blog a lot lately, I enjoy it". I was like, "Uh, yea... I'm a bit of a nerd, in case you didn't know". Not that I even think blogging is nerdy.

In fact, I think it's great, as I've met wonderful friends through it, and I love sharing about my adventures and musings. And I especially love reading about other people with similar interests.

It's just funny when it's well, out in the open.


Kerri Lynne said...

Some of my friends and family read my blog but I absolutely love it. I usually just berate them for not dropping a quick 'hello!' in the comments section to let me know that they're reading! It keeps me writing and smiling!


{lovely little things} said...

I'm totally the same way, I recently became facebook friends with a bunch of teachers I work with, who've dropped the "Oh, I read your blog yesterday..." in casual conversation. I always find I'm tongue-tied and bashful and even blush..."um thanks??" is usually the awkward reply I crank out, but I totally agree, it's kind of like something you think is private but really it's quite the opposite.

Sarah Alaoui said...

yeah my mom comments on my's...funny?

: )

k. said...

I've told only 2 of my friends about my blog - it's basically my journal & would appreciate not being laughed at for the things I say (as I'm a nerd as well, and my friends don't take that lightly)

I guess I wouldn't mind if they read it, but I'm not going to go around posting my URL or anything.. ;)

xox, K

Kelly said...

I'm right there with you! People in my town are telling me they've found my blog and such and I just blush. It's funny when two different worlds meet! Especially when old high school friends read my blog!

happy weekend, viv!

Anonymous said...

I always wonder how people find me (especially since I don't mention I blog....). I guess I should just be flattered that I'm worth googling ;)

Anonymous said...

My family doesn't know about my blog (or at least I think they don't!), and I don't go around distributing my URL to everyone I know.

I freak out when people around me read my blog, although I secretly appreciate knowing that I'm worth reading!

Thus, I tend to mind less when people I hardly know read my blog , and freak out more when those close to me read it. Perhaps coz I care more about what they think and how they'll judge me?!

I also have this quirk that people can't read my blog in my presence - I get too embarassed!

(Oh gosh, now I feel like I have all these quirks!!)

The Phoenix said...

you make me miss montreal and our 'lifestyle' there. it really is unique.. minus the cold.. but it all adds to the glamour of getting to a club or swanky bar; mid-winter, thigh-high with winter slush and icy wind blowing through your perfectly straightened hair.
i miss you.

Nicole Marie said...

i think its so weird! people i barely know are like oh yeah so and so showed me your blog. and now my family is reading it! so i have to be careful what i say! haha

hope you had a great weekend!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

it's always so weird when you dont KNOW certain people are reading it! Sometimes it makes me rethink what i'm writing, but I have to stay true to it, thats why they liked it in the first place I GUESS!

Clarity said...

Absolutely NONE of my friends/family in London know about my blog, except for one person and I asked her not to peek again.

Perhaps it's my life/career but I wanted a space to just be where the stream of consciousness can breathe.

Coffee_c said...

Don't be shy about your blog honey. It's soooooo good that you should be proud that so many people take the time to read and comment on it. Isn't being heard the goal anyways?
Miss you babe. Can't wait to see you, probably end of November. Europe is so expansive it's crazy.

Enjoy a pumpkin spice latte at Starbuck's for me in October, we'll have a gingerbread when I come back, on Parc Ave before going to Cocoa Locale.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, I've only told my boyfriend and family about my blog. Someday I'll come out to my friends... someday.

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

Say hello to thailand!!