Sunday, August 16, 2009

A bit of Seoul in Montreal

Montreal bagels, soju cocktails, yoga on my front lawn, drunken fun all over the city, lazy afternoons at cafés, hiking the mountain, trying on Louboutins at Holt Renfrew, Peruvian food, and Seoul revisited: that was my weekend. 

My friend Jaclyn, who was my close friend/coworker/downstairs neighbour back in Korea visited me for a few days of fun, at home. She is still teaching in Korea, but came to Canada for the summer vacation. It was great to see her, it had been a while since we said goodbye at the airport in Seoul. It was especially interesting to hang out at home, and reminisce about all our good times in Korea. She filled me in with all the school gossip (I miss my students, but not the school), and brought me back some of my favourite goodies: skincare from Skin Food, Peppero sticks, soju (Korea's strong liquor), and all sorts of Korean treats:

{Soju liquor, and chocolate}

{Skin Food! Note the picture of singer Rain on the package.... so odd. So Korean.}

I had forgotten how much I missed going to work in the morning, and hear all of her crazy stories in the teacher's room... roll my eyes at her when we had to sing the morning prayer... and go shopping with her, or meet at the Coffee Bean. Jaclyn was the kind of friend who was always up for trying something new and different. The first week I met her, she talked me into trying the traditional Korean bathhouse (which, to me, was like.... uh, don't we have to be naked??!!). Good times, good times.

{She'll kill me for posting this picture. Goofing around and being tourists back in Seoul}

{Posing with girls in traditional costume}

This past week has been a lot of stuff from Korea revisited. It's been oddly nostalgic, but good. Now it's time to detox from the overloads of fun, drinks, food, and Montreal heat. Detoxing from dancing outdoors to Italian pop music and going to bed at 6am. Back to the gym, back to work, back to my life here.

Psst- check out my new favorite summer nail polish shade. Hello, neon pink nails!
{Essie nail polish in Fiesta}


Kelly said...

ummm sounds SO incredibly fun!!! not the detoxing though...just the reminiscing, out til 6am, presents from Seoul and all that jazz!

you had such a great weekend! i'm jealous. mine didn't turn out AT ALL like i had planned. haha.

LOVEEEEE the nail polish! i was looking for that specific one, couldn't find it and settled for flirty fuchsia. i guess you'll have to fiesta it up for the both of us :)

Nicole Marie said...

hahaha oh i would have paid to see that bathhouse.

so fun reminiscing with friends. especially ones from so far away!!

your weekend sounded wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Looking at that green Soju bottle brought back some painful memories for me. It looks so innocent but man does that stuff pack a punch. lol.

Vivian said...

Des, I know! Soju always made me feel so yucky, but for some reason, it's the best with Korean BBQ... I always try to be moderate about it, but damn, it hits HARD.

Anonymous said...

I would probably kill you too if you post a picture like that of me up...hahahaha

Bath house sounds really good!

Grace said...

What a fantastic weekend!

Love Grace.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

sounds like the perfect weekend...and i love that picture of you in your costumes!

Amanda K said...

That shade looks perfect for the summer.

Clarity said...

Your friend sounds like a good laugh, glad you had a sweet time with there.

Ah... ye olde detox, hope you feel better afterwards and are engine-red ready to go. xx.

jaclyn marie said...

Ooh this was such a nice surprise on a Monday morning! I had such a lovely weekend in Montreal with you! Random as always, just the way I like it. I wish you were still here to laugh with me at all the silly things that go on...but meeting up in amazing places around the world makes up for your absence in my daily life I guess. Can't wait til next time!
Miss you tons!

...and by the way, I do look like a complete tourist/dork in those pictures but I love them all the same :)