Saturday, July 4, 2009

Home, then and now: Seoul

A few days ago, while doing my daily Facebook creeping, I stumbled upon those pictures taken by my dear friend Jaclyn, who was a fellow Canadian teacher at my school in Korea. Unlike me, she decided to stay for another year, and she posted those pictures of our neighborhood. When I saw them, I had this weird feeling- everything was so familiar. It was the street I walked on every day, and the convenience store I browsed late at night, looking for some snacks. Jaclyn kindly agreed to share her pictures, so here is my second home... and my next post will be about my home, now.

Seoul, Dongdaemun-gu, Hoegi dong

{view of the elementary school- we lived right behind! not the best idea, everyone knew all about our whereabouts}
{view from the roof of our apartment}

{night skyline, with the tall Hyundai apartment buildings}

{our little fruit vendor, down the street. this old man would sit there all day, selling produce. i thought it was the weirdest thing back then, but now i miss that}

{taxi down my street, at night.}
{the black and white store was one of my favourites, they had fun clothes. the sales girls thought i was hilarious, and were startled that a foreigner would fit in Korean sizes. ha!}

{the 7-Eleven! so many yummy snacks in there. and late-night drinks on the patio}
{my street, day time}


maeghan said...

So cool. So different from your life now! Asian 7Elevens are awesome, by the way!

Kelly said...

i love looking at these! it's nice to see pictures of places you've talked about so often. can't wait to see the next set of "home" pictures :)

Anonymous said...

So different from how I imagine Montreal to be! I'm really looking forward to seeing the contrast.

Life Abroad said...

wow that fruit vendor is so great! it's the little things like that that make a neighbourhood memorable!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Beautiful pictures, so alive!
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Nicole Marie said...

that view is awesome!! and oh 7-11. who doesnt love that place.

Kerri Lynne said...

Great pictures - love the produce vendor!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics ...
thanks for sharing...

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