Monday, July 13, 2009

Home, then and now: Montreal

After showing you pictures of my beloved Seoul (yes, that's how much I loved it), here is my current home, Montreal. Thinking about Seoul so much made me forget about how beautiful Montreal can be: trees and flowers everywhere, clean streets, Victorian buildings, bicycles, the mountain, little cafés... such a nice change from the chaos of Seoul: noise and neon lights, sewer and fish smells, dangerous motorcycles, grey skies, and concrete. After living in a city with a population of over 10 million, Montreal seems so small and quiet... but it's home. For now, at least.

{My apartment building. It was built in 1910, and I love the fountain and courtyard. I dearly missed it while away.}

{My door, and bedroom window}

{My quiet street, and at the end is the mountain}

{The street next to mine, lined with cafés, restaurants and luxurious stores... love it}

{My favourite skincare store, right on the corner of my street}

{Mmm Starbucks, two blocks away. That's where I wish I could stop in the morning, but I leave too early}

{And the best cupcakes in Montreal. Annie, je pense à toi chaque fois que j'y vais- which is um, every Saturday, haha}

click here to see my neighbourhood in Seoul


Kelly said...

I love these pictures!!! I want to visit your town now!

Your building is amazing and so charming...I'm so jealous! Such a great place to live.

Might need to make a visit :)

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh i'm in love with your building!!! so so freaking cute!!

everything is so different than seol. so calm and pretty and green! haha

Luxi said...

love these photos, v. virgin suicides esque


Anika said...

Love the pictures, the architecture (or should I say history) of places always intrigues me, and your apartment complex looks quite it!

Awesome Sara said...

i want to visit canada!!!

Clarity said...

Oh it looks lovely!

Everything from the warm architecture to the cupcakes - I ADORE cupcakes, anything with dough and icing floats my boat. I am charmed by your town and building.

More on Montreal, please.

maeghan said...

Wow, love getting to see what you call home. And I completely agree with the other comments. Your building is so charming! Makes me want to go to Montreal!

The Lil Bee said...

Glad to see you are settling back in. I think you can have two homes. Your apartment building and town look so sweet:)

A Girl in Asia said...

That's a gorgeous apartment building - lucky you! I love it!

Alanna said...

love the homestead, there is just something about brick buildings that I love.

Awesome Sara said...

u did ballet too!!! r u still dancing?? i had to quit bc when i leaped something was wrong with my shoe and i snapped my ankle so i cant dance as much as i used too. it makes me a bit sad.

Life Abroad said...

Wow Montreal looks so beautiful in your photos! I only visited once in the winter, and it was the coldest place I've ever been! Your apartment building is so cute, and the neighbourhood looks like it has lots of great shops too!

~Lopa said...

lucky have such a beautiful neighbour hood... and all things you love/like so near to you :)

you have got a beautiful house ! It really has a fountain !!Amazing !

Coffee_c said...

Love the pics, beautiful Vivian!
And thanks for Cocoa Locale. I hope you enjoy every bite of those delicious Chocolate & Spice, or Vanilla Lemon cupcakes. They are the best I've tasted in my life!

Can't wait to go with you when I come back. We'll get our Starbuck's (and i'll be Gingerbread season in December!!!) and get 3 cupcakes each.

Hummm... Montreal.

Miss ya babe!

Grace said...

So picturesque.

Love Grace.

Awesome Sara said...

how fun would it be to take dance classes together!! when i try to dance any other way besides ballet u look like im having a seizure but shoot!!! i still have fun!!! i want to do belly dancing classes bc that looks so freaking awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

how come i can't see the pics?

Kerri Lynne said...

So cute! I want to visit Montreal so badly now. And I am completely jealous of your adorable apartment -- that fountain!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics ...
thanks for sharing...

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danceofthecosmos said...
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danceofthecosmos said...

I love your building!
And I love your neighborhood.
Someday, I'll live there. :)