Thursday, July 30, 2009

Postcards from Montreal

I'm incredibly flattered to be featured on Sending Postcards, sharing my favourite tidbits about my hometown. Mina and Alex are two fellow (Canadian!) wanderlusters, who sold their belongings to take a trip around the world. I think they're fabulous, and they have an amazing travel blog. I wish them all the best!

Read here what I love the most about Montreal.

Thank you!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Road trip, friendships.

Toronto is my other love. A wonderul spontaneous road trip to Toronto with a friend to see some more friends, to reminisce about our good times in Seoul, and to also fully enjoy life after Seoul. The perfect summer weekend, a fun road trip filled with pictures and stops at Tim Hortons, the amazing Toronto cityscape, sushi, movies, brunches and rainstorms. I love my dear friends, I love Toronto, and I feel so refreshed. Pictures to come.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

(Not so) Lost in Translation

Geishas, kimono-clad girls, neon lights, Buddhist temples, capsule hotels, the best sushi in the world.... oh my. Read all about my best summer vacation on La Mia Vita in... (you guessed where) Japan.

Thanks to the lovely Nicole for featuring me!

Pssst: Need more Japanese weirdness? Check out my hiarious picture of a dog in a stroller, on Karen's amazing blog. Merci, K.!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I know the M.A.C. Hello Kitty collection came out several months ago, while I was still in Seoul, but somehow I never got around to buying it until now. Yes, yes, make fun of me all you want, but I like the cat!

I'm a little bit crazy about Hello Kitty. And, living in Asia for a year allowed me to fully come out about it, because it's so normal there (it's frequent to see animal cartoons for logos, even for government-related documents, the army, and police). No worries, I'm not that weird about it, I just like the cat. It's cute. It really makes me happy to see the Hello Kitty's face every morning. Pretty chic, no? I'm sure Sofia Coppola would approve.

*Kawaii= cute. Thanks to my fluent-in-Japanese new friend for teaching me useful words!

Photos: flickr

Friday, July 17, 2009


Sofia Coppola



Perfection. In my world. Thank you, Des. And Sofia, for being... Sofia.

Pink steam

Thank you for your lovely comments about Montreal! I was surprised and excited to see the response, and it made me love my city even more. Last weekend, a friend from New Zealand (but currently living in Tokyo!) arrived in Montreal for the first time, and I happily showed her all the fun sights, the Jazz Festival, the Old Montreal, and we shared some wine and er, cake. Despite the cold, cold, Montreal weather, we had such a great time, and she is in love with Montreal. Here I am, wearing pink (I never wear pink), drinking pink wine (rosé) and eating a pink cake, with my pink fingernails. What's going on there?


In other news, I'm so happy it's Friday, and I'm excited for a weekend full of friends, brunches, cafés, running and hiking, and perhaps more rain, but I don't mind. Rainy days are an excuse to stay in and watch movies all day, no? Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Home, then and now: Montreal

After showing you pictures of my beloved Seoul (yes, that's how much I loved it), here is my current home, Montreal. Thinking about Seoul so much made me forget about how beautiful Montreal can be: trees and flowers everywhere, clean streets, Victorian buildings, bicycles, the mountain, little cafés... such a nice change from the chaos of Seoul: noise and neon lights, sewer and fish smells, dangerous motorcycles, grey skies, and concrete. After living in a city with a population of over 10 million, Montreal seems so small and quiet... but it's home. For now, at least.

{My apartment building. It was built in 1910, and I love the fountain and courtyard. I dearly missed it while away.}

{My door, and bedroom window}

{My quiet street, and at the end is the mountain}

{The street next to mine, lined with cafés, restaurants and luxurious stores... love it}

{My favourite skincare store, right on the corner of my street}

{Mmm Starbucks, two blocks away. That's where I wish I could stop in the morning, but I leave too early}

{And the best cupcakes in Montreal. Annie, je pense à toi chaque fois que j'y vais- which is um, every Saturday, haha}

click here to see my neighbourhood in Seoul

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fast Times

The other night I needed a bit of comforting, so I revisited one of my favourite movies: Fast Times at Ridgemont High. If you haven't seen it, you must. To this day, I still cannot believe it was filmed in 1982. It's pretty timeless, in the sense that we can all relate to the issues those teenagers are going through in the movie. And the styles.... oh the styles! Didn't Jeff Spicoli introduce the Vans checkered slip-on shoes to the mainstream world? And how gorgeous and fresh-faced were Linda and Stacey... I would even wear most of their outfits today. And the infamous red bikini scene, of course. 

Heartbreaks, working at a mall, and all the high school drama- suddenly made me realize I would not want to go through high school a second time. But come on- who wouldn't want to be friends with Spicoli?! Go. Watch. It.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Good stuff

Even on bad days, those small things never fail to cheer me up:

{three new Zara dresses}

{vice magazine. i love the do's and don't section}

{those guys. the girl has the best style, and brian aubert is just mm.}

{ceres mango juice. i drink tons of it... goodness from south africa}

{running. although i hope i look better than he does}

{goldfish crackers. they're the best}

{red nail polish}

Seoul, February 2009, on a taxi back to my apartment.

"The driver is playing awful Korean pop music. It's ruining my night..." I texted him. He texted back: "Just listen to your iPod". So I put on my headphones, and the first song that came on was this one, that he had put on my iPod a few days before. I had never heard it, but I thought it was brilliant. And I listened to it over and over, during the long taxi ride that took me across the Han River, as I looked out the bright lights of Seoul. Knowing I was leaving in a few days, and knowing everything would never be the same again. Finally enjoying living in Seoul, appreciating every little thing about that amazing city. Knowing I'd miss it terribly, thinking whatever happened in Korea wasn't real life, knowing life back home would be difficult for a while, and knowing how lucky I was to have experienced that year abroad. Trying to never forget what I felt like at the moment.

A few days later, reality hit. Hard. Unfortunately, everything that happened in Korea was real, and it would not let go for several months, making life in Montreal just so hard to deal with.

This song will always remind me of Seoul. And everything that happened, good and bad. And all of the consequences that came with it. And it's time to officially move on now, after trying and trying, and accept that some things just cannot work out. And it will be good. Cheers to summer in Montreal, and making challenging plans for after. To be continued.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Home, then and now: Seoul

A few days ago, while doing my daily Facebook creeping, I stumbled upon those pictures taken by my dear friend Jaclyn, who was a fellow Canadian teacher at my school in Korea. Unlike me, she decided to stay for another year, and she posted those pictures of our neighborhood. When I saw them, I had this weird feeling- everything was so familiar. It was the street I walked on every day, and the convenience store I browsed late at night, looking for some snacks. Jaclyn kindly agreed to share her pictures, so here is my second home... and my next post will be about my home, now.

Seoul, Dongdaemun-gu, Hoegi dong

{view of the elementary school- we lived right behind! not the best idea, everyone knew all about our whereabouts}
{view from the roof of our apartment}

{night skyline, with the tall Hyundai apartment buildings}

{our little fruit vendor, down the street. this old man would sit there all day, selling produce. i thought it was the weirdest thing back then, but now i miss that}

{taxi down my street, at night.}
{the black and white store was one of my favourites, they had fun clothes. the sales girls thought i was hilarious, and were startled that a foreigner would fit in Korean sizes. ha!}

{the 7-Eleven! so many yummy snacks in there. and late-night drinks on the patio}
{my street, day time}