Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bridge Burner 2009

That was my night last night... until I got too busy serving beer. Whaaat?

The Bridge Burner party is an infamous, underground fete that happens yearly to celebrate St-Jean, our national day. The DJs and fun beats are a nice change from the traditional folk French music (no offense to my roots). The best part is, the party takes place under an overpass, where a crowd of 5,000 gathered last night. I got nicely dressed and hung out behind the bar for a bit (Aaron's production company was putting on the show), until things got so crazy that they needed help. There I was, pouring beer in my short skirt, my Alexander McQueen scarf getting in the way... a little fashionista drama. Quite the perfect summer party, a warm summer evening with happy people (and hipsters) dancing the night away. And my favourite DJ (um, I only know like two), Ghislain Poirier.

It was a blast... until I had to go home because I had to get up at 5 am. So my morning looked like this:

{Jealous much? We have a cook on the set. Not sure if it's worth the early call, though}

Image from Flickr


Kelly said...

UMMMM dang. 1) that party looks FANTASTIC and I want to attend at one point in my life. 2) I'm picturing you behind that bar haha 3) I'm sorry...that's your breakfast AT WORK?? yes, yes I am way jealous.

I guess my good morning post today is your reality! haha


Nicole Marie said...


and super jealous of your breakfast and work!!!

but 5am geez!

Anonymous said...

Wow. A cook. You suck, I'm super jealous. We get dry rolls with butter and cheese.
And that party looks sooo fun. I'm jealous of that too.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics ...
thanks for sharing...

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