Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action

Here I am, back in the daily grind. It's only been three days, but I'm completely wiped!! Nothing compared to my teaching job in Korea, where I'd teach for a total of three hours then stare at my computer screen for the whole afternoon (which I'm sure I'll miss at some point). I'm loving it so far, it's a bit crazy hectic now, but time really flies, and I'm back to working long hours. I even managed to cook dinner and hit the gym every night so far (probably won't last very long).

Here's what I love (and missed) the most about my production job:

*Meeting new people everyday (we have such a big crew, and actors)
*Working with creative people and interesting characters
*Stealing food from the craft (my health-conscious producer told us it's dangerous to always be surrounded by food, we must be careful, haha)
*Watching the set for a few minutes and seeing how everything comes together
*Making coffee (I always volunteer to do so, I love it for some reason)
*Learning new things every day
*Having a huge office with windows, and decorating it with furniture from the set
*Starting a new project from scratch

I'm having a lot of fun and learning so much, but it's exhausting and rather intense. Sometimes I can see why I needed to take a year off and travel, and experience something else, because it gets quite overwhelming. But I feel so refreshed and motivated now, I think I can do it for a little while at least! And it's not like The Devil Wears Prada anymore. Well, maybe a little bit- except that I'm playing Emily instead of Andy, if you get the reference ;)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're off to an awesome start! Exciting to start new projects, I'm also starting to get the itch to go back to work. Who knew? I hope when I do I'll have your energy and stick to my gym routine!

Kelly said...

Busy busy girl! But it all sounds exciting and interesting!! And your office sounds fab!! What show are you working on???

Vivian said...

oh, it's a French tv show, only shown in Canada, but it's about lawyers :)

seasonal lust said...

sounds like a whirlwind! but i understand where you are coming from... whirlwinds can be overwhelming after a while. have you ever tried yoga?

Vivian said...

Yes, i have, and i love it! running and yoga definitely help me clear my mind!

seasonal lust said...

yoga is soooo calming. =)

Nicole Marie said...

yay! i'm so glad you had a great first day/week! i'm excited to hear all the cool stories!

Anonymous said...

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