Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lazy Saturday

A decadent Friday evening filled with red wine, a French restaurant, foie gras de canard, tartare de saumon, and more red wine, was followed by this kind of Saturday:

-woke up and got dressed
-drank coffee
-went to local craft fair
-ate half of pork sandwich
-ate two cupcakes (chocolate vegan and red velvet)
-started raining, got soaked
-went home for nap
-got a Gatorade from Chinese convenience store in my sweats
-ate some Triscuits
-talked to my mom
-wrote some emails
-drank a sip of coca-cola
-went back to Chinese man to buy some Ramyen noodles

Ew, how bad, but it was the perfect day to be lazy.


Kelly said...

such a great lazy saturday :)

throw some magazines and nailpolish in and that would be a typical winter saturday in SF for me :)

Tracy-Girl said...

I love lazy days like that. Although very unproductive, I feel like they do something productive with our soul! :)

maeghan said...

From Capricorn: "Calculating, practical, ambitious, and disciplined." All nice things to be, but yeah, kinda boring. Don't worry, you seem much more interesting than that description sounds!

Anonymous said...

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thanks for sharing...

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