Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday musings

{Stayed tuned, as I will have fabulous guest bloggers in the upcoming weeks, who will share their own "lost in translation" moments while traveling. Please email me at if you'd like to share stories about living abroad, or traveling!}

After 4 months back home, here is what I miss the most about living in Asia:

*living abroad
*no rent to pay
*barely any taxes
*no tipping
*eating kimchi every day
*how big Seoul is
*cell phone works in the subway
*wireless internet available everywhere
*travel around Korea for very cheap
*reserving a seat at the movie theatre
*not understanding the language (white noise around you, not disturbing)
*the celebrity status of a foreigner
*the shopping everywhere
*busy streets and neon signs
*teaching kids
*sitting and sleeping on the floor
*playing tourist
*all the amazing friends i met there

What I DON'T miss:

*the sewer smells, and all other fishy smells everywhere
*the cockroaches
*the humidity
*the mosquitoes
*trouble finding cheese and other Western goods
*being treated like s*** by my school
*lack of public hygiene
*the mandatory morning prayer and song (at my school only)
*lack of green spaces and parks in Seoul
*7$ coffee at Starbucks

I'm not sure Accessorize and Uniqlo are valid reasons to consider another year abroad, but I do have an undying love and fascination with Asia. Besides, I'm loving my job right now, it's so crazy busy and I'm learning a lot, and this summer will be amazing with the filming on location- which I'll definitely write about. Still in pre-production now, which means we're getting everything ready, so it's just a lot of work- making shooting schedules, casting, hiring, finding locations, editing scripts... one more month of that craziness, then the fun part will start!


Nicole Marie said...

what?? cell phones worked in the subways??!!

Vivian said...

YES!! Everywhere in Asia pretty much, they do. We're so behind for that technology...

{lovely little things} said...

There's no tipping in Korea, really? Is that true of most Asian countries, I had no idea.

Anonymous said...

great to see this...
thanks for sharing....

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