Saturday, April 18, 2009

What remains

Along with my hair still being stick straight from the reconditioning treatment last year, recurring nightmares about cockroaches and burglars, here's what remains of Korea in my daily life, these days.

{My Starbucks planner, mostly in Korean with a Seoul subway map inside. I never saw an North American version anywhere, and I just love it. Oh, and some Korean makeup compacts around it}

{Some souvenir soju shot glasses. I display them in my kitchen, and used them once for a Korean-themed dinner party. I'm sure I'll make more use of them in the upcoming months}

{My MJ keychain, with my T-Money card, which is the Seoul subway transit pass. I love how small and cute it is. I also have a traditional Korean charm next to it}

{Hello, Kitty!! My Hello Kitty dressed up in the traditional Korean costume. Bought it myself, yes}

{My Japan Rail Pass, happily displayed on my desk to remind me about how much I adored Japan, and to remind me to go live there soon...}

{My Hello Kitty necklace. Can you tell I'm obsessed with the cat with no mouth?}

As far as every day items go, that's about it. The rest is a part of me.


Kelly said...

I love all the stuff! Especially the planner!! I want one. And I have the same Marc Jacobs keychain inpearly white! Its adorable :)
Cute stuff, vivian!!

Nicole Marie said...

cute cute cute! I have that marc jacobs key ring! actually all my roommates do! and cute starbucks agenda! i've never ever seen one of those!

Coffee_c said...

Oh dear!
Hello Kitty makes me want to shoot myself... lol

Apart from that, the rest are indeed great souvenirs! What will you do when you run out of Korean make-up?

I still have my JR Pass in my wallet and each time I see it (which is every single day), I too want to go back and live there. Maybe we will be roommates one day...who know?

Anonymous said...

I am so fascinated by Hello Kitty... But aside from that, I want that Starbucks planner! It's so nice to have those small parts of your life that have been collected from around the world. They're nice reminders of a life well lived!

Vivian said...

Annie- yes, let's go to Japan together! I'm seriously planning on going back... soon.

And it's okay if I run out of Korean makeup, I prefer our brands anyways...

♥ fashion chalet said...

Vivian, yay, you're back!! :) How is everything with you?? I hope well. I too love little Hello Kitty charms, used to have one for my cell phone, way back when they came with antennas lol. ;)


Eri said...

Love your Kitty things, I Love Kitty myself...
Nice blog.
See you soon

♥ fashion chalet said...

A cool blog post idea: What do you miss most about Asia and what are you happy to have now in US?

Thank you! =)


Vivian said...

thanks for the idea, E!!!

i'll keep that in mind for an upcoming post!! xx

maeghan said...

Yeah, today was pretty hot, and my roommates and I don't use the air conditioning in our apartment, so I don't think they were too happy about the heat. Lucky for me that I like hot weather! Should be cooling down a little bit, so hopefully it'll be perfect for the rest of the week!

erin said...

i like this idea so much. sometimes experiences like living in a faraway place can leave you feeling strange--almost as if what happened was a dream. i think it's nice to have little reminders of your stay. thanks for sharing them!


Glad you are back dear! Forever Hello Kitty who knows one day she'll grow cute lips one day ;)

Catherine Viriya said...

Wow I envy your trip!!
Looks so fun :)
Next time you visit asia make sure my indonesia is on your list!
Or you have been here before?

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics...
thanks for sharing....

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